Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Hi friends!! It's been a WHILE!
I just got back from Florida. I was visiting my family, and had the pleasure to 'meet' my nephew! Yay

While i was there, computer-less, i spent a majority of my time exploring my creativity in ways i don't often allow myself to do here in NY. My mom bought me a NEON EXPLOSION of fun crafty things! [sharpies, colored pencils and the COOLEST pencil pouch i've ever seen!!]

I spent time hugging doggies [they have three] and swimming everyday. I learned that computer FREE days are so IMPORTANT. I spent a lot of time just being with friends and family, but i spent a SIGNIFICANT amount of time writing, drawing, and coming up with new designs, and planning my current and future projects.

It's funny.. as artists we wish we had the time to work more on crafty things and less on business things... but this past week I learned that spending a TON of time using your right brain is EXHAUSTING. I guess the balance is okay for now... [even if i still wish i allowed myself to be crafty more often]

All and all it was a good trip and a good reminder how IMPORTANT rest is for not only my body, but for my career too!

Is there anything you've learned [about yourself] recently? I'd LOVE to hear about it! :)

Happy Wednesday friends!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

It's time... to Believe in YOURSELF.

Dear Friend,

There are going to be moments where you heart will SOAR, the creativity will FLOW and JOY just oozes out of you. But often, bumps in the road will hit you when you're not expecting it, and when it does, i want you always Believe in YOU. 

There will be people who will support you along the way in your journey, but there will also be people who just think you're crazy. Sometimes, these people will be the ones closet to you, and like a quick rip of a bandaid...that will hurt the most.

During these hard times, it's MOST important that you BELIEVE IN YOU. Through thick and thin, believe in YOU. YOU can do this. YOU have things under control, even when you don't feel like you do. I have faith that things will all work out... in time. And BRAVE you.. you will PUSH through the hard times, because deep deep down inside... you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  

And on those days when it's hard, and you don't seem to believe in yourself.. take a moment, please take JUST a moment... to sit and breathe... and relish in the fact that you GOT this!!! In time... you SO got this!!!!

I hope you're having a BEAUTIFUL day dear Friend.
- Jenipher

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Psuedo Cherry Pie + Giveaway WINNER! :D

For the last few weeks i've been CRAVING cherry pie. Like HARDCORE, craving it. Without having time to really make one from scratch [and not wanting to buy a meh piece of pie] i randomly thought of a pseudo version!!! 

So delicious that i eat it almost every day, and since it's healthy, i don't even feel guilty for having 'pie' everyday!! YAY!

You just mash up a graham cracker or two in a bowl with your fingers, add some honey, and spoon over some thawed frozen cherries. Stir Stir Stir and BAM! Amazing dessert that doesn't give you guilt. It's amazing!! 


A few weeks ago i asked YOU to tell me your favorite WEIRD super power, and a lot of you did! [either here, or on my other blog or Nightly Doodles Facebook page!] THANK YOU! 

And the winner is.... Angie!! Yay! Congrats lady!! I'll be emailing you today and James will be sending you your book shortly!

I hope you're all having splendid day friends! Doing anything fun? I hope so! :)


Monday, June 16, 2014

Have a beautiful [not mundane] Monday!

I hope you are having a MAGICAL Monday!!
Here in Nightly Doodle land I'm having one of those days where I end up doing household tasks to ignore all the other tasks i have to do.

You know those days? 

There are SO many exciting things to do, and so many mundane things to do, that i feel caught in the middle sometimes.

Alas, putting on a movie [Today is a Kristen Wigg one!] and just DOING THINGS is how it's just going to be. Perhaps creating a new #CollegeMonster will help speed up the process... [actually, i'm so excited at the thought i better get to work!] Ha.

^This^ my new obsession! I call them Collage Monsters!

Perhaps making a collage monster yourself will help YOUR day too!

-Jenipher :) 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Happiness = a COLORFUL week.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that this past month was a pretty hard time for me. BUT, this past week I felt a GIANT weight was lifted off me, and things were falling into place! :)

Last week was TREMENDOUS! I decided last week something i've been debating for YEARS... 

I'm going to take part in National Stationary Show 2015!!! Eeek!! And the funny part was that during the last few hard weeks when i was ignoring my actual work, [making a new logo, buying new colored envelopes] i was actually doing things to prep for NSS and i didn't even know it! Crazypants!

Other then that BIG decision, i spent extra time doing things that truly MATTER last week.. instead of just working all the time!! Boy had off from work for the Jewish holiday [and we had Cheesecake to celebrate!!] and there were lots of picnics and parks involved. All and all it was a SUPER great week! AND! I had SO MANY incredible posters last week for the #DoodleDream blog party!! Holy COW. It's such an honor. It really is!! 

I hope you're having a GRATEFUL week friends.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


It's time to share the love! And to give away a book!! Just comment below and tell with the COOLEST weird SUPER POWER you'd like to have!  Here I'll start!! I want the ability to shoot sheep out of my hands if i want to! So many friends to cuddle with afterwards! 


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Living LIFE with Body Image ISSUES.

Holy cow! It's week four already! Oh how time flies. This week is the glorious topic of body image!

It's funny... if i go through this blog from the last 6 years i have posted SO MANY super honest, raw posts about my battles with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder. Thinking about this now, it's NO WONDER i wrote a book about these SAME issues. :)

Here is a post i made on March 10th, 2011

" The worst worst WORST part about seeking help for my eating issues is finally truly realizing that binge eating WONT make me feel better...and starving myself afterwards is not correct 'punishment procedure' after a binge.

My coping mechanism for ANYTHING at all has always been eating, including right now. Consuming way more cookies then deemed necessary after eating a large meal i didn't even enjoy, doesn't logically make sense. ...Which is VERY interesting considering how logically i live my life is most other manners.

Could you IMAGINE how much we could do if we didn't feel any hindering emotions? If we didn't feel lonely, unworthy, over weight, 'stupid', inadequate? It sounds glorious doesn't it?

Now a days as I'm eating, I'm constantly aware that food won't change these horrid feelings; which in essences, takes away even the smidgen of 'happiness' that i used to feel from binge eating.

Add to the fact that there is NO REASON to stave myself or even take 'punishments' for my 'bad [eating] behavior'. All of this new reflection, awareness and change makes me feel like I'm drowning in a new way I've never felt before.

Coping, escapism, growing, learning, asking for help... My life right now is especially hard in ways I've always felt and never concurred.

There are days when i don't feel like it's going to get any better...that I've ever going to fully feel alive... but I'll just keep on swimming. The current has to slow down a little bit along the way, so i can at least coast until the next larger waves break.

Honestly and Sincerely,
Jenipher "

I also found this one on my blog a few months later about being THANKFUL for my hair after my eating disorder.

It's really crazy pants how much i LOVE food now, and just a few years ago i didn't ALLOW myself to enjoy food...

But alas! I am SO GRATEFUL i am able to enjoy food now! Yay progress!!