Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jobs may suck but at least i had a wonderful dinner!

I work at a gallery in a town called Winter Park. It's an amazing American Craft Gallery, full of inspirational artist. It's a blessing, having this job, but right now it is PAINFULLY slow, and it's killing me. It's actually giving me headaches. All of us are bored, and none of us are going to make our goals since there are approx 10 customers a day now? s.u.m.m.e.r.t.i.m.e is so s.l.o.w there.

A few months ago, i was floored when they decided to take in my jewelry. It's a hugh blessing! I watch them turn down dozens of artists a day, and i'm stoked they've accepted my jewelry. I've brought in two collections to them so far. This collection has 30 pieces i'm trying to finish. In the last week i've brought in 20 new pieces.

On the bright side, i have some amazing co-workers. Tonight, my co-worker Devan invited me over to cook dinner with her. I've lived a very shelted life, especially in the food world, so tonight was an experiment for my taste buds. (which were very happy with my bravery to try new foods!) We made Mediteranian food, which i've not only never had.

Cooking With Devan

Cooking With Devan

Cooking With Devan

Cooking With Devan

Foods i tried:
*Jasmine Rice
*Tomato and Spinich (tried once or twice)
*Olives (3 kinds)
*Feta cheese

Okay, so i'm going to have to work on my food photography. You'd never guess i was once paid to be a food photograher. The food was amazing, very flavorful. You'll just have to take my work for it!! I'm going to have to let Devan cook more often. :) Thank you soo much Devan!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A day of rejuvenation!

Everyone needs to have a relaxing day, a day to go out exploring new places, and a cool friend in tow. Luckily, in Orlando, we have quite a few of fun places worth exploring. Today my friend Jenny and I went to "College Park". A quaint town with ecclectic stores, the best and most relaxing tea room, and a few places that will hopefully be interested in carrying my jewelry. It was a brillent day, but the jouney back to my house was overwhellming thinking about all the things that needed to be accomplished. Many added that were suposed to take place during this day off.

Infusion Tea ( is one of the coolest cafe type places i've been to in a while! They just moved to a larger location. They have a GREAT selection of tea, many of them made in house, and super delicious looking menu offering an arrary of vegetarian selctions. (My friend Jenny is not a vegetarian and she was drooling reading the menu. The biscotti cookie i had (Chocolate and Cranberry), was by far, the best cookie i've had in a long time! It is ABSOLUTLY worth a visit and a revisit next time your in College Park.

Infusion Tea!

After having our morning chill out session, we walked around to all the cool shops on the strip. We went to Bead Bar (, a local bead shop. They were friendly staffed and had a great selection of beads. At the last shop we visited, "Annabelle Hart", i found this nifty tube of lotion. The package and art of the tube in so different, and key on top is by far the cutest idea! The lovley lady who worked there, said that "Essence of Heaven" have won awards for their supior packaging. Lastly, i found the most incredible doggy treat at Dog & Friend ( Not only does it have my business logo on it, BUT it's my favorite cheesecake, only for my doggy to enjoy!

Cool New Beads!

Cool New Charms

Essence Of Heaven

Monday, May 28, 2007


I've been wanting to join blogger for ages, but was worried no one would like what i had to say. I'm done worrying, thus here i am. I am not entirely certain if this is going to work properly, or how to use blogger at all, but hopefully it will all go well!

My name is Jenipher, and welcome to Cherry Runway!

Cherry Runway is the name of my business, i make a sell jewelry and other home/crafty
items, but am looking to start to consign new artists and designers. :) Right now, i'm
so overwhellmed with all the possibilties that i'm kind of lost. Hopefully people on here
can relate.

I hope you have a stellar Monday!



Cherry Runway