Friday, September 28, 2007

Fly Me Away...

Over The Sky Necklace

Currently it's 4am, my body is exausted beyond words, and needs it's sleep. Alas, my mind is running non-stop. Reminding me of all the things i NEED to do, right now. (Not that blogging is one of them) I wish that sometimes, my mind would just shut up and let me breathe. All i need is just one day to live without the constant hassle that i'm not working hard enough.

Fly me away....just for a day please.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good friends + Good Days = Wonderful!!

I've been living in my home since March and have never decorated. Well, after certain circumstances, i've decided decorating is very important!! Thus, the new wall color.
Inspired by one of my most favorite artsits, Alicia Paulson! Check our her blog at the link to the left. She is absolulty AMAZING!!!!!



Today was a very cool day indeed so i wanted to just share about it. I went to Austin's with my new friend Courtney and had a great ol' time chatting. I did some work around my house, talked to my friends Brian and Yolly on the phone and then had pizza with my friend Ben. My friend Lindsey called and stopped by Ben's house so i got to see her for a few. Then, Wesley was AWESOME!!! After ther service, I had some rather fun, spunky, and random banter and it was just grand. Overall, twas a wonderous day.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Detective's Charm

Detectives Charm

Every good sleuth knows the essentials needed to be a good detective. Just incase, you haven't gotten your sleuthing merit badge yet, this charm bracelet will remind you of all the tools needed.

An assortment of Pewter, Copper and Brass charms, hang off of a copper chain as a reminder of how clever you are Sherlock! My signature cherry hangs on the lobster closure for this keen bracelet!

Detectives Charm

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rejoice in the Un-Rejoiceable!

I just got rejected by two galleries!! whoo hooo!


Alright, so that's not something that should be celebrated. BUT at least they didn't just throw my work out. They looked at, maybe even considered it, and then wrote or called to tell me they aren't interested. On the bright side, i know they recieved it, i know they looked at it. Hopefully, they might have even liked it, they just didn't think it would
sell at their gallery.

I only have about 47 more rejections to go, i feel like an actor being told my monolouge isn't quite sub-par. Maybe that's why so many artists are getting agensts, because this is like acting. I am rehearsing, (by practicing my jewelry skills) and am trying to proceed in this business (by sending my catalog to galleries across America). So, my outcome will be just like any other actors trials and tribulations. I have to wait out the storm of rejectsions and hope that someone will accept me and my work.

Please, cross your fingers that one of those 47 galleries accepts me.

^^ My friend William painted that amazing painting!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Custom Jewelry for friends = really fun!

I have two awesome friends who are dating. When my friend asked me if he could help create a necklace espeically for Courtney, i didn't bat an eye. Of course!!

So, the obvious name for this set is called "Courtney". Faceted Amazonite rectangles, 6mm Spring Green Freshwater Pearls, and an adorable Sterling Silver Flower charm make this necklace a favorite.




Amazonite faceted rectangles and Sterling Silver flower charms make these earrings a stable "go with anything" earrings. Just enough dangle, yet not to overpowering.

Match them with the Courtney necklace, and your accessories will be a hit!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Time for New Jewels..

I've been trying to stay motivated..sending out catalogs to various Galleries, trying to find more boutiques and galleries to persue, and trying to figure out my lifes path. You know..the norm of any other confused 20-something gal. :)

In the meanwhile, i've created some new jewels to share with ya'll. These beauties are part of my new collection at Timothy's.

Vintage Love

Ameican Love

Vintage Blooms


buttercup lily


Strawberry Limeaid

Yay! Alas, i have earrings to match this fun dangle necklace!!

Strawberry Watermelons.

Tis all for now. I shall be sure to post more later. :)