Friday, November 30, 2012

Nightly Doodles @ Chelsea Market Baskets!!

Exciting News! 

...and an apology for my lack of blog posts, but goodness it's been SO busy since Chelsea Market ended! I've been selling at the Artist and Fleas in Brooklyn for the past two weekends, making new merch for the lovely Brooklyn folk. [more about that later]

AND... My work is NOW sold at Chelsea Market Baskets in NYC!!!!

I've been working my little tushy off preparing line sheets, and after a few persistent weeks, they placed an order! 

I'm so VERY excited! I love CMB. I think they have amazing merchandise and a friendly staff. Above and below are some of the STELLAR cards they will be selling there!

They picked up my whole line of "Hello NY" cards you see above. The boy actually came up with the idea, along with lots of the new prints i offer too!! 

[it's such a blessing to have a creative friend around all the time!]

 Lastly but NOT lease, they picked up my BRAND NEW card [above] i actually designed JUST to show them!

Because of this adventure, i have almost 20 different NYC inspired greeting cards. Now... to figure out if i should list them online?

What do YOU think? 

Now...back to regular blogging i hope! More adventures to share next week!

Thanks for reading friends!
-jenipehr :)  

Friday, November 16, 2012


WHOA BOY! and the kale salad!

I tried this kale salad for the first time this week... and.... it was actually AWESOME.

Maybe not all of them, but this one had tahini dressing, golden rasins and pine nuts. AND was only $5 for a HUGE box of it, which is pretty incredible for the priciness that is Chelsea Market.

Happy Friends!

PS: HOW CRAZY is the WORST restaurant review KNOWN to man! Guy Guy Guy....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Markets of NYC! (yay people like me!)

I feel SO honored!!
I had the COMPLETE pleasure to meet Karen Seiger that wrote "Markets of NYC" and she wrote the most INCREDIBLE blog post about me!! It's below. but make SURE you check out her blog too and her book!

You know how sometimes you see something somewhere that just makes you happy? Well, I felt that way when I came across this bicycling unicorn onesie from Nightly Doodles at Artists & Fleas in Chelsea Market last week at A&F’s Third Thursday event.

Jenipher Lyn is a graphic designer and jewelry maker who recently moved here from Florida. She draws something each night, and she has turned her sweet, whimsical, funny images into cards, pendants, onesies, t-shirts, totes and even inspirational books. Her Peanut Butter Jellyfish doodle is perfect, as is her I Love You More Than Art Supplies necklace. Check out the Nightly Doodles Blog too for daily inspiration.

I also love this one. Do you think it’s true?

Wonderfully, it turns out that Jenipher had purchased Markets of New York City at Anthropologie when the guidebook came out in 2010. She told me she brought it with her to New York for two visits before she moved here. And now, here she is, gracing our markets with her bounty of whimsical creations. 

Visit Jenipher and Nightly Doodles at Artists & Fleas’ pop-up market inside Chelsea Market (entrance on 10th Avenue at 15th Street.)
............................ ............................ ............................ ............................ ............................
Good Golly isn't that stellar! I feel on top of the world from her kindness. 
Have a beautiful day friends!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ready for some Monday Motivation?

Hi! Happy Monday!
This doodle week on ze blog was really all over the place in terms of what i posted!

Above is a print of a collage painting i finished a couple weeks ago! It looks so snazzy!


This print i custom made for a super cool customer for his mother. His mom was visiting this weekend so he brought her over to Chelsea Market and i got to meet her! 

{{so cool !}}

I love my job. :)
I hope i get to do it forever.

Happy Monday friends!!
until tomorrow...


Friday, November 9, 2012

Foodie Friday: Milk and Cookies Bakery.

 The boy and i LOVE cookies.
Well...we're not discriminatory, we love all SWEETS!

So when i saw a Groupon from Milk and Cookies Bakery in NYC i had to buy it!

This quaint gem of a bakery is hidden in an adorable little brown stone apartment 'complex' and is chock FULL of delicious treats!

We picked out 8 cookies and an 'oreo sandwich' cookie. 9 cookies!! craziness! 


We rushed home, and broke up a bunch of cookies. While shipping orders that night, i found these amazing cookie monster patches... 

The sugar rush made a dance party, photo party and a very hyper Jen happen. 

The cookie monsters really enjoyed the cookies too!

So...what cookies did we buy?
  • chocolate chip
  • toffee chip
  • peanut butter
  • (2) mint chocolate chip
  • a salty oat nut 
  • chocolate peanut butter
  • double chocolate 
Oddly enough... chocolate chip and the Oreo sandwich have been my fav's so far. :)
Four days later and we still have two cookies left! HOORAY! We did AWESOME at 'rationing' this time around.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Proudly Presenting Holdiay Cards 2012!

I am SO excited to bring you some of my favorite and NEW holiday collection for 2012!

As of today all of these babies are listed on my Etsy shop AND my website! [along with various shops and at Chelsea Market!]

For those of you who want ONE CLICK shopping, this link here leads you RIGHT to my holiday collection links in my Etsy shop AND my website!

SHOP ON friends! :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Moody Monday anyone?

Hi friends...It's been quite terrible that i haven't been able to post very much in the last week. Hurricane sandy was a total bummer!! 

I was scared to use my computer for part of the week because i didn't know if we were going to lose power and it was just generally very stressful. 

Alas, [most] of the trains are back running [except for the poor boyfriends :( he keeps having to wait hours and hours for travel] But other then that, we are safe, and so is our apartment so i feel very blessed.


Chelsea Market is FINALLY back open so please come visit!  I hope everyone is doing alright, and is safe and sound... 
*and that Aimee from Artsyville gets power soon!!  

Have a gorgeous and safe day friends!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

i present.... [the] Dream Series!

So this week has been just insane... 
hurricane Sandy did quite the number on NY, this is my fourth day stuck home, but today i have solid internet which is lovely. 
[and appreciated!]

My blog has suffered a little bit, so I'm mixing things up a little bit. Today I'd love to share with you two images from my new collection; the "Dream Series". 


I'm really proud of them so far, and even had the 1st one printed on a onesie!  

I can't wait to show you the ACTUAL onesie; but i can't get into Chelsea Market yet, and that's where they all are....

Tune in friends, and i hope your safe!!
Stay thankful,