Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Toby Lightman: {Tunes Tuesday!}

I have listened to this song OVER AND OVER AND OVER everyday for the last two weeks or so and am still thoroughly enjoying it. I love this version especially since it's more twangy and live. 

I'm pretty impressed by how well Toby sings live and can't wait to give this song a whirl at the karaoke 'box' when i love to NY. :) 

Three weeks to go!!!! eek!
Hope you're having a FAB Tuesday!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Lisa Congdon...what a talented lady! {Moody Monday}

How AMAZING in this studio? It belongs to the artist,Lisa Congdon, and it makes me SO happy! Not only is her WORK incredible, but her website and blog are both filled with colorful inspiration. I'm definitely a fan! I hope you're having a colorful Monday!

                                                                                        Source: blackwhiteyellow.blogspot.com via beth on Pinterest

Friday, January 27, 2012

"Azucar" ICE CREAM! {Food Friday!}

Two weeks ago, Mandy took me to a {sweet} little place called "Azucar".  This home made ice cream place in Little Havana, is run by Suzanne Batlle, who was previous a banker and now running Azucar with help of her friends and family.

 OKAY, this is, BY FAR, one of the most delicious ice creams! It has vanilla cookie pieces, cream cheese and guava in it, and it was DIVINE.

i SPECIFICALLY asked for a 'cup' of ice cream with a cone on top JUST so i wouldn't drop all my ice cream out of the cone, and my "genius" plan STILL backfired!! I dropped the CONE on the floor. :( It was a very sad experience, and I'm sure the delicious, but at least there were bunches of amazing vanilla cookies IN the ice cream to make up for it! :D 

I recommend going to Azucar next time you're in Miami, and make sure to check them out on Facebook too!

Happy Eating!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tunes Tuesday! {A-Dele-A-Doodle}

My friend StanlEy and I have decided that THE SONG since October was Adele's "Someone Like You" and since then it has been VERY MUCH overplayed to the point where i decided we need a new THE SONG.
I haven't quite figured out what can compare to the awesomeness of Adele, but i'm sure once i move to NY i'll figure it out.

Happy Tunes Tuesday!

Monday, January 23, 2012

It does not {ALL} have to be done today!

Good GOLLY this doodle is needed in my daily life. If you are like me, you worry and stress about finishing not one, not two, but ALL of your to-do lists....EVERY single DAY. I have to constantly remind myself this TRUTH.. that is TRULY does NOT have to be done today. It doesn't!
It doesn't doesn't DOESN'T!

Friday, January 20, 2012

"Books and Books" (Foodie Friday)

During a really swell trip to Miami to visit my bestest friend Mandy she brought me to a stellar Book Store/Cafe called "Books and Books". 

 "Books & Books is currently located in an exquisite 1927 building listed in the Coral Gables Register of Historic Places. The 9,000 square foot, Mediterranean-style building has original tile floors, a fireplace, beamed ceilings, floor-to-ceiling dark-wood bookshelves, and open-air courtyard and a full-service cafe."

Each of us had an Avocado, Lemon Pesto Cheddar sandwich, [i had them panini press mine], which were QUITE delightful.
Mandy enjoyed a cappuccino which she 'instagrammed' with great focus. ;) 

photo by @OhAmandaGee

But oddly enough, my highlight of my experience at Books and Books, was twittering back and forth with whoever is their [very quick to respond] social media person. :) 

 I totally recommend visiting them if you are EVER in the vicinity of a one.

Eat On!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

(Thankful Thursday) is BORN!

Life is hard, and there are a LOT of challenges. Sadly, right now, it feels there are more challenges then blessings, EVEN THOUGH, there are SOOOOO many good things happening.

Even during times of sorrow, there are ALWAYS things to be (THANKFUL) about. 
THUS, "Thankful Thursday" was born. :)

In the upcoming weeks, i'm hoping to FILL Thursday's blog post with meaningful gems to Thanks.

If you would like to write a post about what YOUR thankful for, just let me know! :)

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saves the Day - "Z" - (Tunes Tuesday)

A couple months ago i started drawing all of my favorite "Saves The Day" song lyrics. Since then, i've been drawing lots of lyrics, but this is one of my most recent Tunes-A-Doodles.

One of my favorite Saves The Day songs (right now) is "Z", off of their new CD, "Day Break". 

STD is a REALLY great band, and REALLY great guys! Listen to this tune! What is YOUR favorite lyric? 

Happy Listening!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Handmade Chandelier! (Moody Monday)

                      Source: blogesteix-chandeliers.blogspot.com via Tessa on Pinterest

How can you be "Moody" on a Monday after seeing such a pretty Chandelier. :) This one is apparently made from old perfume bottles and is SUCH a delight to look at. One day i hope to make a nifty chandelier out of recycled items!  
Have a creative day!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

(hello!) happy Sunday!

Hello friends! I've been WANTING to write on this blog for AGES but it's been SO CRAZY on my end of the real life-a-sphere! I'm prepping to MOVE to NEW YORK in the next few weeks and it's been INsane!

I've never lived anywhere EXCEPT Florida so it's going to be a HUGE change, but i'm super excited as well! but....! i've just spent the last two hours prepping blogs for the whole week to hopefully inspire you during another [stessFREE?] work week! 

Happy Sunday!

Monday, January 9, 2012

MOODY Monday: Erin Ashley Art

STAND BACK Moody Monday! You just can't have a bad moment after seeing this beautiful/COLORFUL painting! I LOVE it! It's not SUPER often that i have to STOP what I'm doing to blog about a piece of art i love, but in this case, i just had to!

This piece is called "Metro Mix 4" and it's by Erin Ashley. 

Gorgeous on white or blue walls! Hooray! One day, when am settled, i would LOVE a piece like this for my home. :) 

Have you been inspired by any art work lately? 
I'd love to hear about it!

smiles to you DEAR friends,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

#nightlydoodles for Summit. :D

Tonight's #nightlydoodle is one i made for @summitchuch. 

I'm proud of it. :) 

Hope you had an inspired day!

PS: SOON i will write some new [wonderful] posts full of new years and joy. I've just been sick since Christmas Eve and unable to create enough joy for myself [and the Internets] :)TBC!