Friday, May 11, 2012

Foodie Friday: Union Square Market

My friend Julissa and i met up at the Union Square market today to play catch up. 

One of my FAVORITE parts of living here is HOW many amazing markets there are in the city. --this market, i think being my FAVORITE.
Juli and i both were kinda hungry, and even though im REALLLYYY frugal i budged and bought this vegan empanada

It was even BETTER than i expected! It was filled with kale and mushrooms and had a whole grain breading...? 

For those of you who know me, i don't have a sense of smell, so i'm often wary of foods that look like they might not be flavorful enough for me to taste, but this was very filling. Completely satisfying. And i helped a local vegan gentleman.

All in all, it was lovely afternoon; just cool enough, great company, lots of laughter and delicious treats to snack on. :)

Now....back to the work cave for me!! :D
Have a happy Friday ya'll! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Life Serve You CHEESE!

I have a really 'cheesy' picture of my boyfriend and i on my Facebook profile. I'm in love with this photo, as it's SO CUTE!  One of my friends, Tim, said this to me as a comment below the photo and i knew it had to be my next colored drawing.

It rings true for so many things for me. I love cheesy; photos, jokes, dancing, etc etc... and i [truly] hope, i have a lifetime of the finest cheese


In case you wanted to see it ^^^ Here it is. Cheeeeesey! I love it! It was taken by the boy on my birth of days. What a happy day that was. [so blessed!]

Hope you have an inspired cheese flavored day!
-jenipher :D

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello Martha, It's me, Jenipher.

So two weeks ago, i, along with LOTS of other Etsians were invited to the Martha Stewart show. The entire audience was made up of crafty folks with amazing hand made products; it was fantastic!
Mr. Jellyfish was with me at the Martha Show, and HOPEFULLY showed up on screen too!
Erin from Harp and Thistle and i are SUPER EXCITED! ::enter happy dance:: Miss Erin was the FIRST in line outside Martha's studio with her stellar husband and i came shortly after. :) TWO.5 HOURS later, we were in the studio taking this photo!
Always need a feet picture! These are mah buddies!!
In Orange we have Caroline from New Hope Beading.
In Green we have Mary Jo from Mercurios
In Blue we have Erin from Harp and Thistle.
And of course, in Yellow, it's ME!

I had a great time, it was a superb opportunity and I'm so blessed that i got to partake! I've been working a TON of my Etsy shop, and can't wait to attend more events at the Etsy Labs and beyond soon!

Happy Friday folks!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Foodie Friday! - Washington Version.

My boyfriend and i went to Washington DC a few weeks ago and my friend Jess brought us to Vapiano, a cute restaurant in their 'China Town' that specialized in home made pasta dishes. The atmosphere was dim light, spacious, with lots of high and low tables. There were some couch chairs and small tables in one corner and the place was PACKED!

I had these really fun squiggly pasta shapes, with scampi sauce, shrimp and added broccoli [my favorite!!]
They gave us fresh bread and olive oil, which was delicious. [almost always a winner in my book] The pasta dish was quite yummy; a nice amount of both shrimp and veggie, but the sauce was a tad bland for me. The pasta was a [smidgen] too al dente, but that's just my preference. 

The boy and Jess really enjoyed their meals too, and we totally enjoyed tasting each others pasta dishes. 

In a city with lots of expensive or fast food restaurants, i would recommend Vapiano's if you're looking for a pretty decent Italian place.

I wonder what shape of pasta i'll try next time we go to DC? 
Until then...!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Forever With You.

I'm super sappy these days. But really, i always have been. This is another one of 'those doodles' that i actually drew at the auction before i moved to NY, but didn't color it until yesterday. :)

I REALLY like it!
I'm starting to REALLY LOVE these simplistic, colorless backround doodles. They make me super happy. 

I think later today I'm going to draw more simple doodles.

Is there anything you'd like me to doodle?
Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Runaway Cherry, Runaway!

After participating in so many Etsy events... [although, i've done a TERRIBLE job blogging about said events] i've been working a TON on my Etsy shops. 

Today was 'Runaway Cherries" turn. Runaway Cherries is my supply shop, and i was STOKED to add these lovely little owls and art pallets to the shop.'s time to write some hardcore blog posts about all the Etsy adventures i've been on since i moved to New York!

Off i go!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What is the MOST read book on the subway?

...i have NO idea. :]

Now that i kinda consider myself a 'connoisseur' of the subway -- hey! i gave someone directions today!? 

Okay, I'm not. 
I'm totally lying.

BUT, i can tell you that in the past week, i've sat next to TWO different folks reading the 'Great Gatsby'. Being the nosy person i am, i started [reading] this guys book while on my journey to the city today and realized how VISUALLY written this book is.

Captivated, i knew i wanted to draw a quote from the book. This ^^ grabbed my attention and now, here lies today's 'nightly doodle'.