Thursday, February 20, 2014

How i LOVE Valentine's Day...

But NOT in the way you might think!! 

For the past two years, Boy and i have spent Valentine's Day going to an event that honors an INCREDIBLE women! This year Boy and I had tickets to see Jonatha Brooke's play, "My Mother Has Four Noses". 

You know when you see someone and immediately wish you knew them in real life? I felt that connection with Jonatha when i saw her on Jen Lee's trailer for her film, "Indie Kindred".

The show was unexpected, emotional, and heart felt. All Jonatha had to do was open her mouth to sing her very first song, and i was already crying. Her voice is THAT lovely. 

After the show i just stood there, tears running down my face as i waited patiently to see if Jonatha was going to come out. Not even realizing i was surrounded by friends of hers, the tears streamed faster when she appeared at the end of the hallway. And continued to fall as i watched her hug and greet everyone.

And then it was my turn. I got to briefly chat, and hug her myself. And she was JUST as wonderful in person as she seemed on stage.

Last year the boy and i had the PLEASURE of going to an event Grand Central was throwing. A valentines day event featuring Sophie Blackall!! I'm sure you've seen her work before, but if not, you'll surely swoon. She's seriously one of the most talented watercolorists and illustrators i know. The event was lovely, and i had a few moments to chat with her when she signed her book, Missed Connections. I really hope to take a watercolor class she teaches one day!! That would be AMAZING.

I feel so grateful we have such wonderful events and people in New York! It's such a blessing! I'm excited to see what NEXT YEAR brings! yay! :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The time has come the Walrus said...!

The time has come, and the book will FINALLY be arriving soon! I'm finishing up the details with the printer right now, and can't WAIT to see the finish product! AND, I've added a preorder link in my Etsy shop incase you wanted to purchase a copy! Hooray! :)

^ click me to see the book on Etsy! ^

I am SO excited to share this book with you all! And it's soooo close!! I think it's time for a cupcake... and a happy dance! :D

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Holy Progress BATMAN!

This week has been pretty crazy! 

Aside from finally FINISHING my book this past week [ahh!!], I had my FIRST book press!! YAY!! Daily Quirk posted about me and my book, and they asked a LOT of great questions! My friend even said reading the interview was like chatting with me, so i'm really glad that i answered them well! :)

I've been working a TON of my portfolio and NEW website for the SCBWI conference that's coming up next week! [how in the WORLD is it February already?!]

And.. I wouldn't by any terms say my card went viral, because it's FAR from that... but for my work, this card had a LOT of interest this past week! 

Buzz Feed and Etsy both posted it. And even before that, i was selling a TON of them! It also did super well at Story! I don't know what happened, but I'm SUPER thankful!

All in all... it's been a pretty hectic, crazy, awesome week. [as long as you don't count being sick for four days of it!] ;) 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Foodie Friday: Pie Face

Anything with a smiley faces is wonderful to me!  So, when i saw this restaurant called Pie Face in the city with a smile on it, i always wanted to go!

I finally tried this little apple pie by accident, and it was DELICIOUS! In all honesty, i was super cranky and needed a snack before a band play.

The only thing i would change, or recommend  was that there really wasn't very many vegetarian options for the pies. The only one they had was spicy, and so i was stuck with a quiche. And, NONE of the pies i ate had smiles on them. :(

I had the egg and cheese quiche, a mini apple and mini pumpkin pie. As per usual, i wasn't fond of pumpkin pie, but the quiche and the apple were really good! Especially the apple!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Welcome to the life of book planning!

This week was INSANE. I've never worked SOOO HARD, and SO diligently on ONE project CONTINUOUSLY, like, ever! And even though there were QUITE a few tears, wanting to give up and unseen problems while editing... i can FINALLY say that this book is going to be even MORE AWESOME then i originally thought!! 
There's THREE new pages, and 6 NEW lovely girls added to the book now!!! 
I just have to finish editing two more pages and the book will be 100% completely done [at least unless Caitie finds one or two more spelling mistakes lol] And once i get those edits back from her the book will REALLY be ready to print and sent off to the printer! [i think i finally picked which one i want to go with!] 
Thank you ALL for your patience!! I appreciate it! Now that the book is done, i'm going to start sending off the rewards for $25 and less next week and the week after next!