Saturday, April 25, 2009

Custom Thanks.

These past few weeks..okay..SIX weeks, i haven't made ANY jewelry at all. I finally have tons of time and freedom, but I just couldn't focus. So, thank goodness for these two custom orders!! They motivated me to start beading again.

So BEHOLD! My first pieces in absolutely ages!!

Jason's bracelet

Arizona^- Zee Inspiration

My customer and Twitter friend, Jason, was inspired by my "Arizona" necklace and wanted to create a bracelet for a friend. I really like how the bracelet turned out. I really enjoy this color combination.

Angie's Necklace

Angie had an antique butterfly pendant with a beautiful Amethyst stone set into it. I think the lilac freshwater pearls made this necklace very feminine, easy to wear.

I have a few other custom orders i've been making, and it's been helping me come up with some new creations!

I'm thankful!

On the Spark blog, Margot challenged us to take pictures of things we're thankful for. This was actually a very fulfilling task, and i enjoyed it very much. I guess i am feeling much better, because as always, mine were all food items. Ha.

I'm thankful for..

Top Left:
I made eggs for myself for one of the first times. "He" made eggs so well. It's TIME i make myself some stellar eggs.

Top Right: I treated myself with one of my all time favorite sandwiches. And you know what? I'm going to do it more often.

Bottom Left: Jeremiah's is THE spot you have to visit when you come to Orlando. Coming into town? I'll take you there!

Bottom Right
: I haven't been to the farmers market in SEVEN weeks! It was such a lovely experience this morning. :)

I have been doing better, thank goodness, and i really feel like the worse is FINALLY going to be over. So, on the to next! I am really looking forward to what life has for me. But, I'm ready to par take! and create!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Operation: Become Human. PART II

Blueberry Lemon Cupcake Mmm Cupcake. :)

I'm back at a coffee shop that I've recently been frequenting. Although,the last time i was here i was in a completely different mind set. (lol which was March 17th, just over a month ago)

Since that post, i HAVE been better. I have been functioning, and realizing that I'm very thankful I'm not engaged anymore. The ache i was feeling then, is not longer. Now it's a different ache. One that doesn't control me completely. Although, i am functioning, I'm not really fully "living" yet. I'm still a partial zombie, trying to focus long enough to complete a single task.

I find it so incredible how I've ALWAYS stressed out heavily over my to do lists. Now I'm lucky if i focus long enough to accomplish ONE thing a day. (Like writing this blog, THIS is the task I've given myself today) (baby steps!)

So to celebrate my humanness, I'm here to tell you visually invite you to see the things that have made my life a little happier.

I Heart Rollarblading

Bright blue skies, the greenest green of grass, inspirational music to fill my ears and my roller blades made today, a better day.

Oh. The colors.

I think my favorite part of decorating the eggs this past Easter (which by the way, was my first time ever coloring eggs) was abundance cups of colorful dye.

I couldn't help myself taking more pictures of the dyes then my friends.

My Favorite Egg.

A lovely day with families of friends made not only me smile, but my egg too.

Blueberry Lemon Cupcake

My former boss from Anthropologie has a baking business. And my oh my, are his cupcakes amazing. You [might] remember my blog post about his deliriously delicious cookies. These were Blueberry and Lemon cupcakes, and what a treat they were!

Alas, there you have just a few things that have made these past few weeks much better. Stay tuned...!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

[I heart Quotes]

"If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul."
-Rabbi Harold Kushner

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Creative Hour..


I FINALLY let myself just sit down and craft. Any way i want, without letting my "is this good?" thoughts come in.

Alas, here i show you one of my first crafting sessions in approx three years.

Crafting Hour

Thursday, April 2, 2009

[I <3 guilty pleasures]

Mrs. Mini and Mr. V-Spikes

I've been home now for a little over a week. There are been many highs and quite a few lows, but i think I'm processing and progressing little by little.

The best part about visiting your home town, is that people will actually go out of their way to make sure they see you. Which is a FAB feeling! I am blessed to have so many lovely folks i can call my friends.

So alas, here are my guilty pleasures for this week from South Florida. (yes, they are almost all food!) I finally was able to eat because i wanted to yesterday. It's been three weeks of no hunger, so it was kind of a nice change.

Fun Friends and ME!

Yolli and I saw "I love you, Man", which was really cute and relate able, plus Paul Rudd is a cutie. Then we had a midnight snack at Friday's while chatting about LA. (She's leaving me soon) :(

Camilo and I tried to find batting cages, failed, but ended up eating Mexican food and cupcakes.

Mrs. Mini

I've been craving Dairy Queen for ages now, and Aaron was nice enough to join me for some quality ice cream goodness. Mmmm...Mint, Fudge, Brownie Sunday. Time to hop back on the treadmill!

I <3 Dairy Queen

A couple days earlier i went to South Beach with my folks and friend Amanda (we didn't take any pictures of us) :( I had read an article about a lady named Misha who makes cupcakes and sells them to this really stellar bookstore on Lincoln Road, sooo, of course i had to test drive her cupcakes.

Misha Cupcakes

Why do all of my hang out sessions involve food?

And of my favorite guilty pleasures of this trip, which actually involve no food at all? Shh, ya ready?? A really wonderful midnight treadmill session while watching "Life with Derek". A show on Disney channel with a cute cast, and fun enough story lines that can keep me entertained for two miles.

I tired to find a good picture for the show, but couldn't find anything worthy of posting.

Alas, that is how my trip is going this week. I still have another week left, so who knows what other exciting foods..i mean adventuers i shall go on.

Hope your all having a stellar week!!

Afterthought: I just realized all of my friends in that picture have dimples. Random. :)