Friday, January 31, 2014

Foodie Friday: Tisserie

Boy and I found Tisserie during a rainstorm one afternoon after going to the MOMA. He ordered us a mocha and i sat down to draw ballerinas. I think they accidentally forgot the espresso... but it the most DELICIOUS hot chocolate i've had in New York.

I went back for another hot chocolate by myself one morning a few weeks later, & was SO intrigued by the barista's recommendation of this coconut croissant, i splurged/went out of my comfort zone and got this treat instead! 

It was FREAKING amazing!!! Like a rich, flakey macaroon. Mmm... i want another one! I seriously recommend Tisserie: it's cozy, with a decent amount of seats, and usually the service is pretty good. Plus they have a lot of yummy looking treat, drink and food choices!

^^ Seriously, how yummy does this look!^^

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New lovely girls! WEEE!

After my copywriter looked over my book again, she mentioned my Lovely Girls could use a little more diversity. 

SO.. i spent a few hours, and just finished making these new "Lovely Girls" to add to my book. I LOVE them!!! I can't WAIT to show you the book progress this coming week! :)


Friday, January 24, 2014

Foodie Friday: Vegetarian Dum Sum House

One of the most MAGICAL things you can say to me is "Would you like to go get dim sum?" To add an extra rainbow and a few extra happy dances, tell me it's VEGETARIAN dim sum. I guarantee you're gonna get BIG a hug!!

The Vegetarian Dim Sum House in Chinatown did NOT disappoint! 

I honestly didn't even know vegetarian dim sum existed until my friend Laura told me about it!! And it was KILLER! Our friend Anne knew EXACTLY what to order, and between the 5 of us, we ordered about 12 delicious bites of goodness to pass around the table. The BEST-EST part of dim sum is that it's always super inexpensive. I think we all paid $10! We left, full, satisfied, and with money to spare! It was glorious!

I really have to ask Anne what we ordered so i can give ya'll some tips, but for now, if you're visiting and craving some inexpensive asian food, head to Vegetarian Dim Sum House!! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lets talk [book] PROGRESS friends!!

Goodness friends... i've wanted to write for ages, and I'm just SUPER crazy busy and haven't been able to!! I'm over the moon with how incredible and generous my friend Caitie is. I had the BEST copy writing session with her last Friday morning, and am SO stoked to have drawn some new doodles for my book. I just finished round TWO and THREE of edits! Only a couple more rounds! PHEW!!!

I think i've FOUND the printer i will be using. I'm still waiting for his e-mail about shipping costs but if he IS my future printer, then the books will potentially be ready, printed and shipped in four weeks time! Ahhh yay!! 
I'm also working on a journal to go with the book which i'm SUPER excited about!! I'm hoping that will be ready in the next month too! 
Ahhh soo many fun things!!

PS: For now, my eyes are PEELED looking for a suitable printing place... but please let me know if you have any suggestions!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My heart HURTS: Ned Vizzini.

The very FIRST book i think i EVER completed in my ENTIRE [reading] LIFE was a book called "Teen Angst Nahh" by Ned Vizzini. I was 19 years old. Today while compiling references for my book i looked him up to see what he's up to and see that he committed suicide in December. I'm seriously freaking out. It makes my heart SO SAD

Almost all of his book were about his struggles with everything from body image to depression, including a book called "It's Kind of a Funny Story" about his actual experience in a psychiatric hospital. I will be forever grateful for his books helping me becoming a human, and it hurts my heart to know i won't be reading another one of his books. 

 He had a wife and child...

While perusing the internets, i found a bunch of nice articles about him today. Here's a few of them.. 

Now.. it's off for me to FINALLY finish my encouraging book. I feel more then ever this week HOW important this book is!!! 

Sadly... but still encouraged...