Monday, May 20, 2013


Man i need to hear this today.... does anyone else need encouragement?? 

I want to share so badly about my trip to National Stationary Show.. but sadly, i have  a LOT to do tonight before we bring our [shared] computer to the computer doctor. [we just had to put mine down to pasture so the fact that boy's computer is broken now too is a bummer... BUT a blessing since they can fix it and not charge us for it!!

Anyways, HAPPY Monday! AND TUESDAY!
I will hopefully write more tomorrow.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

RELAX! Your time will COME!

A minute ago i wanted to share a "small post" [bahahah] in Michelle's Ward's clubhouse to share with my friends about my revelations from yesterday, but it got so long i decided i wanted to post it here to motivated anyone else who's suffering from negative thoughts this week! 
[i planned to show a doodle here but it didn't let me upload one..] #fail


So... i had a REVELATION yesterday! These are mostly all doodles now, but instead of blowing up a bunch of photos, I'm just sharing the words that INSPIRED me yesterday!

- Just because it doesn't happen NOW doesn't mean it's not gonna happen.

- I don't need to be like anyone else. [NOR do YOU!]

- Be true to YOU.

- I never meant to go this route... but I'm glad i went here anyway...

- Sometimes you just gotta hustle to make your dreams come true!

After stressing LITERALLY since Monday's call i realized i have a "RIGHT NOW" mentality and i stressed that i STILL HAVE TO MAKE JEWELRY AHHHH! until i realized that yes, this is my RIGHT NOW but it's only until i figure out everything.

I realized that stressing I'm not doing 'what she is doing to promote' or 'making this' or blah blah blah... that it really DOESN'T MATTER!! Who says i HAVE to make greeting cards or show at NSS, who says i HAVE TO paint this collaged style of color that's popular right now.. i need to get off that comparing horse and just BE ME and when i FINALLY do THAT everything will FALL INTO PLACE.

PHEW! I didn't mean this to be THIS LONG... maybe this should be a blog post now. 
[and NOW IT IS!] 
Sigh.. lol okay! off i go. 


Friday, May 17, 2013

Everything takes time...

I'm struggling with this HARDCORE this week!!
 There are so many thoughts in my head, and i always feel so far behind. I keep needing to REMIND myself OVER AND OVER that  


We all rush around hoping to accomplish EVERYTHING right NOW! It's such a facade... and we end up missing SO MANY important things because of our business! 

  As i go into a busy but EXCITING weekend, this is the PERFECT watercolor doodle to end the work week with! Hope you think so too!

Happy Friday!

PS: If you live locally, I'm going to be at Chelsea Market Baskets tomorrow from 11-3 for another Watercolor Demo!! :D 

Come say hi! :D 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hard Work and Forgotten Thoughts...

Lately, I'm either I'm just oozing out brain thoughts to write here [while I'm not home] or i can't figure out how to express what i want to share when i am near a computer. 

It reminds me of this doodle i made a couple months ago...

There's been so much brain storming here in Nightly Doodle land, and it's been over working my brain to the point where i haven't had too much time for much else [other then filling all the orders i had to package and make for "Better Than Jam" and "Stray Vintage". 

 Alas, it's time to sleep. To keep telling myself the hard work IS WORTH IT... sigh lol when sometimes it feels it isn't... ya know? :)

I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL week!  - Jenipher 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's not MONDAY silly rabbit!

After being gone for 5 days in Florida enjoying sunshine and an engagement party my mom through for Boy and Me, I'm back in NY!!!

On May 4th, Boy [bless his heart] drove back and forth from Queens to Brooklyn 6 times!!! 6! to help me with Etsy Ny's Spring Cavalcade. To say thanks i brought home some new members of our family! 

Welcome... THE TRIPLETS! Our new succulent! 

While home, i had LOTS of snuggles from this lovely lady above, Isabella. :)

AND, after using a laptop AND a tablet.. i got to listen to Michelle Ward's latest "Grown Up Gigs"! Jessie Smith Larson was a lovely person, and I'm so thankful i got to 'meet her'. :) 

 Last but NOT least... 
All of my [paper] artwork at Caddywampus! My work can be found in THREE states now!

never give up on your dreams friends!!!
smiles to you,
PS: Happy Motivational NOT Monday!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Motivational [NOT] Monday!

Ahhh i didn't realize how much i missed this blog until JUST NOW as i type this!

It's been a CRAZY month! Hardcore yo!
I finished painting [and hanging!!!] my artwork at Modca last night. whoo!!!


Fun Insta's from the past couple weeks. LOTS of painting! Zine Making, and a DELICIOUS meal Aimee from Artsyville made for a ladies craft day! 

While i have your attention, i want to tell you that this blog has been COMBINED with my other blog, Nightly Doodles! Together, this blog will take over the world! 
[and will have more consistent content!]

All of my paintings will be at Modca Cafe in Brooklyn for the WHOLE month of May! Go see them if you're near ANDDDD come to my opeining! 

Now it's time to prep for Etsy NY Spring Calvecade which is THIS Saturday from 10-6! ANDD... then! Hop on an airplane at 9:30 for my ENGAGEMENT PARTY! Whooo! 

Happy Motivational Thursday friends!