Saturday, June 30, 2012

I need to TRUST.

My amazing friend Kimberly asked me to draw some doodles for her blog and she posted the first one with my doodle in it! I'm super excited! But even more importantly, i NEEDED to hear what she had to say on this blog post the day she e-mailed it to me. Amazingly, she NEEDED to hear what i had to draw when i sent her my doodle. :) 

Life is good.
God is good. 

The internet is awesome! 
[that's how Kimberly and I met] 

I hope you're having an encouraging day! 
Make sure to check out Kimberly's blog when you get a chance too!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Foodie Friday: Neo Shanghai.

Happy Foodie Friday!!
The boy and I had a pretty yummy lunch last week when i visited him at work in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We went to a Chinese resturant that opened just a few months ago called "Sensation Neo Shanghai Cuisine"
We've each gone there a few times, the first time ordering a smorgasbord of goodies. [see below!] The 'juicy pork buns' [from what i hear] and some of the best folks have had. If you look at Yelp, ask the waiters, or ask my boyfriend, they will tell you that.
::sesame veggie pancakes, veggie wonton soup, seaweed salad, and juicy pork buns::
But for those of us, who can not enjoy them, i really liked my meal above. It was light, flavorful, had nice texture, and was JUST filling enough that i was satisfied for the rest of the afternoon.
The Spain vs Romania game was also on, which was a huge plus for the boy. :)
If you're craving Chinese in Brooklyn, i would recommend this restaurant.
Happy Foodie Friday!!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Uncommon Goods: Jewlery Contest!

This past Tuesday i went to a STELLAR branding event held by Uncommon Goods in Brooklyn, NY. I can't wait to blog about the event [later today?] but first i wanted to share my progress this morning!

I had the privilege to chat with co-founder Thomas Epting at the event and he recommended i submit my work to their jewelry design competition.

So...i did! I literally JUST pressed send! This is what i said about my necklace "Organic Tiger"...

"When i was 9 years old, i started cutting the pull chains off my mom's fans to make 'jewelry'.

20 years later, and LOTS of new collections and journeys later, I'm still making jewelry!  But now, instead of hunting for fan pull chains, I hunt for really unique stones and treasures to create unique jewelry that's great for everyday, and easy to dress up or down.

'Organic Tiger' was
COMPLETELY inspired by the incredible Carnelian pendant i found. The texture and shape of this pendant was so unique, that the necklace kind of made itself. An organic mix of Jasper, Crystal Quartz, and Swarovski Crystals dangle off of a textured oxidized Sterling chain.

I hand wrapped the pendent and individually wrap each stone and crystal using a technique called a rosary turn.

To continue the unique journey of this necklace, i put a lobster clasp on the end of the chain so it can be worn like a lariat, in many different lengths.

My company,
Cherry Runway has come SO FAR since i was 9! In the last 20 years, i have created two unique jewelry lines and am constantly adding to these collections. In addition, i have started drawing motivational, colorful illustrations to encourage people to know they are not alone in this world."

Eek! I'm really proud of me for being brave enough to send in my application and so honored Thomas thought my work was unique enough to recommend the contest to me!

On top of the world,
Jenipher :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome to...."The week of an artist"!

I'm thinking of trying to have a weekly post of my favorite weekly photos.
[because MAN i take a lot of them!]

Thus......Welcome to the week of an artist! 

  • This chocolate peanut butter cupcake from 'The Bean" was DELICIOUS!
  • I felt SO pretty in my white lacey dress.
  • I love goofing off with the boy at night. This is one of the photos that came from that.
  • I have been wanting to paint my girl on a plate for a LONG TIME! finally!
 Have you had a nice creative week?
What have been your favorite part?

hope you're having a lovely day!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Exciting News!!!

Who ELSE has been .w a. i t i n g. for hand drawn doodle necklaces!!? I've recently collaborated with my AMAZING [and talented] friend Billie from Zu-Li Designs.

How super SWEET is this necklace? 
And this is just the first one! I've worn it every single day since Billie sent it to me. [thank you lady!]

More images on the way too!


Hope you are too!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dan Jazzia's work = AMAZING!

                                                                                             Source: via Jenipher on Pinterest

I just found Dan Jazzia's amazing work this morning and it inspired me OODLES. I've never quite seen a style his and his use of color is pretty darn snazzy.
                                                                                           Source: via Jenipher on Pinterest

                                                                                           Source: via Jenipher on Pinterest

I really like this drawing above. It has such a 70's retro vibe, which is one of my favorite decades. :D
I hope you have an UBER inspired, COLORFUL weekend friends!
Do something fun, challenging, and delicious!