Friday, July 24, 2009

Bad bad blogger and the snail ring!!

And here i thought i was going to be THE BEST BLOGGER since i returned from California. I mean, i had SO MUCH to share right? But then life gets in the way, and you cut your toe open and the meds made you sick and your soooo tired from the crutches and...what? Not your life? Oh! Just mine!! Phooey!

Anyways, there is much i shall share, but tonight i'll just take it easy and show you my FAVORITE thing i purchased while at Renegade.

If you really know me, you'll understand why i am SO VERY excited about this purchase.

Snail ring!!

I've been looking for a special "Jen Ring" for a few months now, and i was holding out until i found one that completely struck my fancy. It's been a long journey finding this ring but thanks for the lovely Christine from Chocolate and Steel, i finally found it!!

I <3 snails oh so much! So much to the point that when there are snails in the present, i kind of lose track of time and need to be reminded that we errands to run and a life to live.

Snail ring!!

This ring has made me a very happy camper. It symbolizes a lot for me, and has especially made me smile every two days when i have to take another trip to the clinic. :)

Make sure you check out Christine's web shop! She really is a very talented jewelry designer!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

PS: Thanks!

Dear LA...

To those of you, [if any of you], who came and met me at Renegade, i thank you SO SO SO MUCH!! I was so astounded that some of you, where ever you are, actually took the time to look at my jewelry and read about me. It made my week!

For those of you who signed up for my e-mail list, i generally write thank you notes too, BUT they still haven't delivered my boxes from my trip and my notebook is in there.

I am really sorry!! I shall e-mail you soon. :)

Thanks again!! <3

Big Red

Rest Easy


You know you want it!! You may have even been one of the 150 people to try it on at the show! :)

Boy oh Boy i love the ER...

So..i know this isn't Cherry Runway related, but i wanted to post anyways...

Tonight i had my first ER experience since i was 10. I just had a new room mate move in and his room was the "catch all" room. Since it was such a last minute move in, i threw all of the stuff into my room. Including three pieces of glass, out of their picture frames.

Now..when i sat those pieces of glass, oh so close to my closet, i did actually say to myself "Jen..that's not a good place for those, you should prolly move them" Alas..i did not move them.

Instead i sliced and ripped up big chunks of my toe tonight. So badly that it took an hour for the doctor to figure out how to sew up the large holes in my toe.

Twas fabulous! And i have the blood, sweat, tears and stitches to prove it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jen and ze Mountian.

So my first day Brian took me to see the stars on the street, took me out to eat, blah de blah.. Then he said "Hey, want to go for a hike?" Me, being the least athletic gal in the world figured hike just meant walking around the woods or something. No biggie. So i through on my old sneakers with no tread and some shorts and off we went.

ha ha ha ha. sooo not a little walk in the woods!


In the first 15 minutes i stepped on what i thought was a rock, but was cleverly deceived by a mound of sand and started to tumble down the mountain. Brian had to literally pull me back up by my tank top.


Going up, i realized JUST how out of shape i was. And while it took the little 60 year old Mexican man with his ski polls under an hour, we were still drudging up for an additional 30 minutes.


Going up was a beautiful relief and an amazing view. Goodness gracious, look at it!! ..until i realized now we had to go back down...


Brian literally walked down the whole mountain backwards, which took about an hour, holding my hands so i didn't DIE!! It was one of the most terrifying experiences.

I am SO not cut out for this. Yet...i kind of want to try again. One day.

Oh yeah! And we got to see a hummingbird!! That was cool too. :)


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back from California!!

Okay! SOOOO after taking 700 pictures while im LA, i decided it's prolly best to have posts with topics. Hopefully it shall help me be a better blogger since there were so many fun things to share with you all!

This post shall give you some highlights of my trip. :)

* LA was super awesome!

* I climbed up a mountian and got a bloody knee.

* I was on Brian's podcast!

* Renegade was SUPER DOOPER! I met so many amazing people! (a lot more on that!)

* I went to In-And-Out burger.

* I went to Melissa Joan Hart's new sweet shop!

* I got to visit "Reform School" - a neat indie shop in Silver Lake.


* I'm sad to be back.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bloggin' at the Airport!

How super awesome is that? I have INTERNET CONNECTION at the AIRPORT! Smiles all around.

So right now, i am waiting my flight for California for five days of fun, friends, and RENEGADE! I am more then stoked for all of it. I have been prepping jewelry like a fiend, and it was really scary overnighting everything off to LA a few days ago. It's so strange to send off your whole business in two very large boxes. It's like mailing away a part of you.

Here are some of the new goodies i've been whipping up!!

Electic Evergreen
Electic Evergreen
^^ My new favorites!!

Big Red
Big Red

i <3 snacks
i  <3 snacks

The only good part of that is that i am what some would call "a work-a-holic" so not having my tools and such put me in a place where i wasn't able to make jewelry and chill out a tad for a few days.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Do something exciting! Inspire others! Inspire yourself! :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Adventures in Metal Smithing...

I was a guest blogger at the Spark Journal Blog and posted about my i wanted to post it here as well. Is it considered stolen if i still wrote it? ;)

Hey ya'll! Jenipher here from Cherry Runway! I'm beyond stoked that I get to guest blog! Yay!

Okay! So, i've been making beaded jewelry for approx 17 years now and am FINALLY starting to venture into actually MAKING jewelry. So i wanted to share a little bit of my experience taking my first metal smith class. Granted, it's not everything, but it's enough to get your creative juices going!

First off, if you are interested in this type of craft, you need a TON of patience. Which sadly, i have learned i need more of. Alas, i still created a really neat pendant with my limited source of patience.



First you have to sketch our your design. Choose your stone {if you'd like one} and the type of metal you'd like to use. I used Sterling Silver sheet metal. I love trees and i wanted to use some textured recycled metal in my piece. I used a round hole punch [sorry! no image] to punch out circles from random bits of scrap my instructor had.

TIP! ALWAYS keep scraps! Especially sterling ones. Whether it's sheet metal or a head pin. You can melt these pieces or re-use them later.

Once you figure out what shapes you need, your almost ready to use the torch to start soldering. This is my FAVORITE part!! The touch is kind of intimidating at first, and sometimes soldering just doesn't go the way you want it to, but it's so neat to just take pieces of metal and create something beautiful.




Once your all soldered, which takes quite a few steps to do, your piece will look all funky from the chemicals reaction to the heat.. Maybe it might turn black, or green {in my case}. No worries! You drop that lil sucker in this neat chemical they call "the pickle" and it cleans it all up for you!


You might realize pieces have fallen off if they weren't soldered properly, so this may take quite a while longer to finish. BUT this is the gist!


Hooked yet? :)


This is the start of a perdy ring I'm making...


AND THIS! This is the beginning of a piece i was enameling. So cool!

Yay! That was so fun! Thank you again for letting me participate in the blog party! I'm so so excited to see what's in store! Thanks for reading! :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sweet Somethings..

I had a tooth pulled yesterday and the medicare they gave me for my sedation made me very ill. Alas, It's so easy to feel extreme joy after such a horrible previous day.

Unseen Beauty.

Joy number one: [from my co-worker]

"You're like who we all go to when we need cheering up around here. I was so happy you worked with me the other day, you really cheered me up."

Joy number two: [Katie from Etoile Boutique]:

"Bring in whatever jewelry you like. All of it is amazing and everyone loves it, so you can just bring in anything."

Highlight of my day:

My room mate and his girlfriend just broke up, so he joined Okcupid too. And today he sent me a girls page to see what i thought of her. I thought it was nice he wanted my opinion. :)


I leave in 8 DAYS!!!
Yay! Life is grand. to Kung Fu i go.. :)

Have a stellar day ya'll!