Friday, February 26, 2010

Not Your Teachers Chalk Board

Oh my! How cute!! I stumbled upon this lovely on the Etsy front page this fine morning/evening. Isn't her work clever? Evrydiki has quite a few little chalk board goodies and some other pretty hand made metal pieces as well. Go check out her shop!

So head over to Evrydiki and look at her pretty jewels. :D

Smiles and Blessings friends,


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've been blogged about! Huzzah!

Yesterday was a wonderful confidence filled day.

I had an acquaintance-y friend tell me that my nightly doodles are a daily part of his Facebook reading routine.

My co-worker told me i was really talented when i showed her some random doodles i did while working.

AND....i was featured in a blog! Huzzah!! What a lovely day!

Mission Possible.

Elke has a neato blog and Etsy shop. On her shop "Sweet Twee Lab" she sells home made kits and other fun items, and on her blog she posts daily "random word" etsy pickin's. The word she choose to find my lovely astronaut was "possible".

The coolest part about her is that she is a scientist by day, and a crafter by night. I LOVE it when folks have the brains and the crafty talent. That's so exciting to me! It seems you have the best of both worlds. :D

Thank you so much for featuring me. I appreciate it. :D

Monday, February 22, 2010

One Year Ago [today]....

One year ago today [but really yesterday for the first image] we were doing this REALLY amazing series at my church called "Relent and Respond" where we learned to really evaluate the way we love ourselves, each other, our families, and learned to work with our communication and relationships.

It was a brilliant series and came with a note book to really jot down your thoughts, with questions.

You were supposed to join a team of people and discuss it with them. After the 2nd service, two of my closest friends and I went to this little "old people" diner across the street and had a great meal [Grilled Cheese! Fresh fries, salad] I tried Okra and "fruit cup" for the first time.

It really was a fun night.

Aqua Copper Necklace

I also suppose i started my "Copper Collection" series this week, one year ago. And this spiffy necklace/earring set came about!

Aqua Copper Earrings

Aqua Copper Set

SAVE $10.00!! :D [[huzzah!]] day, while creatively stricken, i decided to art journal for the VERY first time. This is what i was oh so thankful for, one year ago today...funny...some things never change, and some things you'll never write down again. Life is a crazy circus.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello Rollin's College....

I just participated in a small art show at a local college called Rollins College.

It was about 15 or so vendors in the "quad" of the campus. The turn out was actually much better then i expected, there were so many really nice artists/vendors there, and i sold much more then i anticipated i would.

I can't wait to participate in another one! :D

This is Olen. He has a company called "It's Apples". He makes home made apples dipped in an array of collaborations. My FAVORITE is the Apple Pie apple; which is incased in cinnamon, sugar, carmel, and some other goodies.

Amy makes some of the cutest clay pendants and pieces! I wish i had a better close up of her work. She has a collaborative Etsy shop with her friends called "The Pottery Syndicate".

I did NOT want to share this Reeces cupcake! :D

Terry makes some of the most scrumptious cupcakes i've ever eaten! YUM! I wish she had a shop online so i could send you her way. Her business is called "Serendipity Sweets", and she has a large assortment of moist, lovely little cupcakes.

Donna from Chateau Confections had so many types of rich dark chocolate bark. I tried the Peppermint one [i approve!], but i wish she had samples of the "Cherry Bombshell"! Maraschino cherries and bourbon encased in dark creamy chocolate. It sounds heavenly!

She had am amazing spirit and smile to boot. This lovely women is going to far! :D

Michelle was the best booth neighbor. She was friendly, and up beat, and had lots of things on her table that Camilo would like. :D She sells mostly at comic book conventions, but had some fun rings, and hand made [ducks] too.

All in all, it was a pretty rad show. Thanks for inviting me Brendan! I am looking forward to the next one. :)

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

Smiles and Blessings,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Year Ago and Daily Inspiration

These images represent my life one year ago today [plus a few days!]

*Don't make it your photographic mission to shoot like someone else. Make it your mission to find the 'u' in 'unique'.*

*All a wedding does is to create the possibilty for a marriage. Marriage is what you create after the wedding is over.*

*Really its artists please know your value and not cave in- too many do and make it worse for themselves*

*It's so utterly incredibly crazy how many things are different in a years time. How a single moment creates life altering differences.*

The these tweets are some of the things i've learned this week. Via Twitter from some pretty stellar people!!

What have you learned this week?
Where were you ONE year ago TODAY??

Let me know!!

Smiles and Blessings,


Calorie Free Breakfast

If you didn't know by NOW that i'm a sucker for anything food related, craft or not, then seriously, go back and read a few posts!! :D

So, I couldn't NOT blog about this as i hopped upon the front page of Etsy right now. So cute and funny!! I love it! Shebbo Design has some other fun, and funky pieces as well. Go check them out! :D

Wake Up In Glitter!!

I met Kathy aka Crafty Chika at a Michael's Craft Convention last year [walked around for 10 hours on crutches!]. When i sat down to rest, she down next to me and was twittering, so OF COURSE i had to tweet that i was tweeting next to the Crafty Chika.

She added me on twitter and we've been twitter friends ever since. I've always admired her work, but since getting to know her through her blog and tweets [and the fact that she replies to messages] is absolutely stellar. She is such a lovely, talented, creative person, and if you don't know her work yet, i know you'll love it!

She concurs every craft imaginable and always has another craft up her when i found out she was writing a novel, i was hooked! "Waking in the Land of Glitter" has just been published, and i am waiting eagerly to receive and read my copy of the book!

In the mean time..please head over to her website, check out her work, say hello via twitter and just generally enjoy her talents. :D

Below are some of the snazzy comments people have to say about her new novel. But "don't take my word for it", go read it yourself! Tell me what you think!! :D [Tell Kathy too!}


"A fun read about stumbling into love, honoring friendship, and celebrating the power of craft. Full of good cheer!" (Kate Jacobs, New York Times bestselling author of The Friday Night Knitting Club )

"Every word in this hilarious, fun read sparkles. Kathy Cano-Murillo is certainly an author to watch. I woke up in the land of happy reading!" (Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author )

"Waking Up in the Land of Glitter is wildly addictive! Funny, sweet, and slyly wicked, it draws you in so deeply that you're not even remotely mad you've spent the night on the couch, reading, and missed all of your shows on Bravo." (Laurie Notaro, New York Times bestselling author )

"Kathy Cano-Murillo is an amazing storyteller--her narrative is as bejeweled as her crafty creations!" (Alberto Ferreras, author of B as in Beauty )

"Kathy's novel dazzles! Through Ofie's purity of heart, Chloe's emotional transformation and Star's awakening to the shine that was always there, Waking Up in the Land of Glitter weaves a story of friendship, trust and self-discovery. Whether you're a painter, crocheter, sewer or have nary the crafty bone in your body you'll leave reading this book with the feeling that creativity is key, but love conquers all! A must-read for crafty women of all generations!" (Vickie Howell, host of DIY Network's Knitty Gritty and author of Pop Goes Crochet )

"Who knew that glitter really does make the world a better place? Kathy's book is creative, inspirational and empowering, just like she is. I couldn't put it down!" (Terri O, TV Personality, Spokesperson, Craft Expert )

Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh! Treasure[ry] yay!

The lovely Rebecca from Fuchsia Bloom Studio featured me in a treaturey! Yay!


Clink the image or the link below to see it, and comment away! I hope it makes the front page! [[crossing fingers]] Thanks again

Mission Possible.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sculpty clay and Colored Dyes. :D

I went to my friend Patti's house to do crafts last weekend and had a great time! We decided to paint and make pendants with Sculpty clay.

I've never used clay in any form, so it was such a treat so try and completely different technique.

They came out so cute!!

After you stamp the clay, you cut out the pieces and bake them for 15 mins.

We used colored dyes and mixed them with clay glue to paint onto the clay pieces.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stamp! I literally danced around with it, took MANY images of it, and then stamped it on quite a few pieces of clay.

After you paint on the pieces, you bake them one last time for 10 mins to set the color.

Look how perdy the pieces came out after we baked them a 2nd time!

This technique is super simple, didn't take very long and had great results, i HIGHLY recommend it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Goals...II

Hello friends....I hope you are having a good start of your week! I'm actually feeling very crummy right now. I think i have a stomach flu. Blah! I've been in bed most of the day, but spending a lot of time reading online has been quite enjoyable. Not quite practical but ah well.. :D

So.. goals.... :D

I have put 4 items on my new supply shop, have taken pictures of all my nightly doodles, but not uploaded them, and have forgotten the rest. least it's a step in the right direction!

I guess that's a good start. I'll keep working on it.

Have you accomplished anything stellar this week??

Tell me about it!

Smiles and Blessings,

JENipher :D

Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Goals...

Okay heard it here first!

I figured to keep myself accountable i should blog my goals this week to stay on track...

Here goes..!

* Take pictures of the last two weeks nightly doodles and post them online.

* Put my "nightly doodle" greeting cards up on my etsy.

* Put up [[5]] new listings in my Runaway Cherries - my new supply etsy shop!!

* Make a new banner for my Runaway Cherries etsy shop.

* Catch up on some blogs and comment away. :D YAY! I'm SOOO far behind. Sorry folks!!

* Make a "signature" for my blog posts.

Eeek.. i suppose that's more. I'm visiting my family this weekend and should really get off the internets now. :D

Hope you all have a superb day!

Smiles and Blessings,