Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fawn'n Around

So...obviously, i haven't been doing my part as an artist but I'm trying to play catch up now and blog and make pretty jewelry again! 2009 has been a crazy year for sure, but it's really time to start cracking down for before the holidays strike with a vengeance. ;)

SO! Exciting news time!!

Fawn is a wonderful, lovely shop in Sanford, Florida that houses beautiful hand crafted art by local folks, and an allure goodies for baby, children and mothers. She is opening and ready for business, and her grand opening is next weekend, so get ready you Florida folk! Come check out Fawn, in the Historic District, say hello to Freedom [please click that link! how amazing are her website skills!] and myself, and see my pretty jewels along with dozens of other eco-friendly and creative items!

Couting the Crows.

Oh my!! I went to a Counting Crow concert a couple weeks ago and it was Fan-freaking-tastic!! All three bands were on stage, all playing each other's songs, for large majority of the concert. Twas incredible! I've never seen any concert where there were like, 20 people on stage almost the whole time.

Counting Crows Concert

They didn't break the concert up into three sections like most concerts I've been to. Instead, they all just kind of traded drummers every couple songs and sometimes it was just the one band at a time, and sometimes random members from the other bands were singing along as well.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMkPA6HZoHQ <- Phooey! I wanted to include this video. It's one of the only "High Life" versions i approve, but i can't seem to get the actual video in my blog. Blasphemy!

If you ever have the option of seeing them, even if you never heard them before [like moi] go see them! At least on this tour!! It was a wonderful experience. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Picnics, Farmers Markets and a Happy Saturday.

I went on a picnic a couple weekends ago. First we went to the Farmers Market (yay!) and bought some delicious foods.

I tried my first Arnold Palmer which was STELLAR! We played our guitars, ate delicious food and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Twas lovely.

The squirels are really cocky. They litterally come RIGHT up to you to steal you're food.

Go Squirel Go!

This one was a run away. :) We did give him a cherry eventually.

Picnic Goodness

MMM....So yummy!

I love acousitc guitars...PLUS they travel well, so you can bring them to parks.

And sometimes we've had such lovely weather...when it's not raining. Welcome to Florida! It's either gorgeous or horrid outside.

All in all it was a nice afternoon. I seriously LOVE Farmers Markets so it's always a treat to visit them!

Amazing Video!

Amazing Video!

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Wow! She sings so well! :)