Saturday, December 21, 2013

The time i showed my 92 year old aunt and 90 year old uncle my book!!

When i was home visiting my family a week ago, i had the PRIVILEGE to show my best friend, my 92 year old Aunt Kiki my book! Moments later, my Uncle George came in and wanted to read it too!   

My heart SOARED while they were reading it, my aunt chatting with me about each page, while my uncle *TAP TAPPED* on the table to send him another chapter like i was a bartender refilling his beer.

Afterwards, my Uncle kissed my forehead and said he nearly cried reading it. As a strong man of few words, this MADE week? LIFE? I can't even tell you, but i was floored with happy during this moment! 

These moments are why this hard life is worth it!! I can't even express to you HOW excited i am about my book!!

This is just the beginning!! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Foodie Friday: Stella 34

I hate shopping with a PASSION!

I hate trying things on, i have trouble spending money on things that aren't necessary, and most importantly, i hate the THOUSANDS of people who are at Macy's at every hour of the day!  [welcome to NY!]

The shining LIGHT in my most recent trip to Macy's was when boy said 'Okay Love, after you try on these pants, lets get you a treat!'

He found a quaint restaurant cafe on one of the floors called Stella's, and we ordered a big chocolate chip cookie, along with a peppermint tea for me. As we were paying, i noticed the word CHERRY in a biscotti and well, we just had to get that too! 

The cookie was full of chocolaty goodness, and soft, which was just what i needed. And man, am i glad i got the biscotti! It was DELICIOUS. I mean, the kind of delicious that makes me want to go BACK to Macy's!! [craziness!!]

They have a full restaurant, with a decent looking menu, and all the pictures on their website looks amazing. SO, if you need a break from the CRAZINESS called Herald Square Macy's, head over the Stella 34 for a break!! [and get the biscotti!] 

Happy Foodie Friday friends!
-Jenipher :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A post where my heart explodes with THANKS.

Good GOLLY friends!! I'm in AWE. I'm BURSTING at the seams and I am SO THANKFUL!!! My Kickstarter has been up for LESS than a week and i've been supported SO MUCH. I want to cry with excitement!! 

Who knew i'd come so far from being a sad, depressed, hopeless person!! If i can do it, EVERYONE CAN!!!! For serious! I just know this book is going to help so many people, and i can't WAIT to see it's effect!! 

I still have 27 days left and i have COMPLETE faith that i will be ready to print, and fully funded by then! But i would LOVE your help! If you think this will help anyone you know, [or even those you don't know!] please share it!! :) 

AND.... Share this doodle, tag it #doodledream and you can Win a print!! yay!!!

Thanks so much friends! You're helping my #doodledreams come true!

Jenipher :)