Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waking Up in the Land of Glitter

I know it's a little late, and i apologize, but life's craziness got in the way of blogging recently. And...i wanted to fully read this wonderful book and contemplate it before writing about it.

I can't express how long i've been holding out for a talented writer to create a novel with a good story line AND incorporate the craft world, and Kathy did JUST that!! I'm so impressed by how fun and easy to read "Waking Up in the Land of Glitter" is. The characters are easy to fall in love with, and I'm sure every crafter could relate to one [or all of them] in some way or another.

This book is a sincere view through the eyes of all the characters as they come to terms with themselves, those around them, and their art work. I love how Kathy Cano-Murillo expressed that the grass aint always greener, which is a harsh concept we all need to learn.

Star, one of the main characters in the book has the parents i always wish i had. They treated her with respect even in her darkest hours. I hope to some day emulate these traits when i have children.

PLUS at the end, Kathy shows you how to create your own love shrine, along with a few other crafty projects!! So fun! :D Weather you're looking for a book to help inspire you, or just something fun to read, i would highly recommend "Waking Up in the Land of Glitter"!



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Give Away will end on April 17th, at midnight. Winner will be picked by Random and emailed. As soon as the winner messages me, i will make sure the book gets sent to you. Thanks so much for entering!!

I hope you all have a stellar day! Good luck to ya'll!

Smiles and Blessings,


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eeek! I'm 26 now!

I am so so blessed!! I had SUCH a wonderful birthday. FINALLY!!! HUZZAH!!!! I can't say i hate birthdays anymore after this one. I spent hours with some of my closest friends in Orlando.

We had a vegetarian pot luck picnic [[sooo delicious!]] at "Big Tree Park" where one of the top 10, largest trees in America live!! We took 419 pictures!!

Next stop was the batting cages! Growing up i wanted to be a pro-baseball player and thank goodness i didn't, because i suuuuckkkk but not as horribly as my friend Torin. [[green shirt]] [ha! good thing he doesn't read my blog] ;)

It was great fun, really. I've been wanting to go for three years, and it was so stellar that i finally did!!

Next off to a Japanese Hibachi grill place called Kobe, where it's free for your birthday. So so good! I treated myself to a Pina Colada [which i didn't really like, lol] and tried both of my friends drinks [both icky!].

Then we went back to my place and read cheesy pick up lines and talked for a few hours. All and all, i had a gloriously fun birthday!! Thank you all so so so much! I am so lucky to have you all in my life! <3<3<3

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baldwin Park Art Show - Part II

I have more photos to share, and more reasons to be thankful about Baldwin Park Art Show. :)

This lovely lady is beyond a blessing!! She is a craft show SUPER HERO!! Seriously, i don't think that i could have done this show with out her. Thank you so so much Amanda! I sincerely appreciate it! I wish i could take you with me to all of my shows.

I'm so thankful that i don't have a pinpointed demographic. Women [and even men] of all ages enjoyed my jewelry at this show. It was incredible! My younger customer [no joke!] was four and my oldest..well i won't say. But either way, i am very thankful.

Courtney and Ana are super dooper and came to say hello both wearing smashing sunglasses courteous of Courtney's sunglasses collection.

My friend Cynthia came to visit and wander around the art show. Cynthia is a super talented artist, and can make anything beautiful [from plating food, to jewelry to scrap-booking, she's so talented!], and hopefully she will grace you with her talented endeavors online soon!

Thank you to all who attended the show, came by to say hello, gave me those positive affirmations and purchased from me. Without you, I wouldn't be able to continue Cherry Runway. :D

Smiles and Blessings,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago...THIS was my life. Oh, how quickly a year flies by.

I can't even recall what this is, but i'm sure it was delicious! :p

I've never had a drum stick before this day, one year ago, and wow! was it delicious! I'm still hoping to have another one some day. YUM!

This is my friend Courtney, we made enchiladas i think, went for a walk and enjoyed delicious ice cream. :)

Ricky Frank is an uber talented artist and i had the honor of helping him at the Winter Park Art Festival. It was an amazing experience, and i learned a lot from him.

I hope i get the opportunity to work with him again some time.

Have a glorious weekend friends!

Smiles and Blessings,

Friday, March 19, 2010

Baldwin Park Art Show - Part I

The Baldwin Park Art show is a yearly event held in the beautifully [Pleasentville esk] town of Baldwin Park. I've been participating in this show for the last three years and every year it's had a different out come.

This year, by far, was the most successful show i've done in Orlando, and it completely took me by surprise!!

I had so many friends come visit, a wonderful lady ask me to consign my work [and buy a mini "Nightly Doodle" print], and had more faithful, confidence boosting customer's then I'm certainly used too! It was SUCH a blessing!!

Three of the coolest ladies!! They were by far, my biggest fans at the Baldwin Park art show, and such a confidence boost! Lisa and Alicia, and Caitlin were super dooper, fun to chat with, and very enthusiastic. Not only did they come over to my booth four times, they bought quite a stash of my jewelry, and i am very very thankful! :D

I can't wait to see you ladies again at my next show!

Lauren from Breakfast Brunch Handmade came out to say hello, per-ruse the art show, and buy a really swell pair of my locket dangle earrings.

This lovely gal's folks were almost persistent on purchasing my "Steam Punk" necklace for their daughter, which i found stellar!! Even though she liked it, and liked some other pieces they really wanted to have her enjoy this one of kind piece instead

I thought it was really sweet when her dad helped her put on the necklace. :)

I had a really great show and i'm really thankful. Stay tuned for more images, some new work and some really fun new doodles as well. Huzzah!

Smiles and Blessings,


Monday, March 15, 2010

New Nightly Doodles!!

Seriously! I am in LOVE...LOVE I TELL YOU!

With my New Nightly Doodles....!!

What do ya'll think?? Do you have any suggestions? Anything YOU'D like to see drawn? I'd love some feedback friends! <3<3

Smiles and Blessings,

Jenipher :D

Friday, March 12, 2010

From Art to Zink!

Joan from ArtZink
creates a mixtured of colorful collages using random clippings and cozy sentiments. I was instantly drawn to her simple beauties and had to post about them. She has prints and greeting cards in a varitey of color schemes and quotes.

Go check out her pretties in her etsy shop!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lovely Sparrows of Paper

Tuesday night i hung out with this talented lady. Andrea from Paper Sparrow. She makes awseome illistrations, and collages mostly, but dabbles in a few other genres as well. :)

I love this picture of her!! :)

I'm so stoked to have someone to bounce ideas off it, and to understand what it's like to try and make it as a working artist. Andrea and I have some great ideas in the works! Stay Tuned!

In the mean time...check out her Etsy shop!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paper Bead Making!!

I was inspired by a blog post i read at "A Story Book Life". Pearl posted about an artist named Helen who made her own paper beads. The images were so gorgeous and the idea seemed so simple yet so beautiful.

So i gathered some of my fun artsy friends, and let the bead making start!

The ink in the newspaper actually stains your nails, so beware! :D

Step #1 – Rip up newspaper into small pieces

Step #2 – Put the pieces of newspaper in a large stock pot

Step #3 – Pour enough boiling water over the paper to cover

Step #4 – Allow to sit for an hour or so

Step #5 – Stir the paper to help break it down a bit

Step #6 – Drain as much water out of the paper as you can

Step #7 – Add enough glue to the paper to help it hold together in a ball shape (any glue that is clear when dry – such as Elmer’s, or PVA)

Step #8 – Roll the paper into round balls being sure to squeeze out as much moisture as you can while rolling (you can make any size you would like)

Step #9 – Let them dry for a few days – rolling them every several hours – until they are completely dry

and Carissa are stellar-ly talented ladies!! They are inspirations to me and i know they will inspire you too! Check out their crafty blogs.

This project was super cheap and super fun!! I highly recomend it!! I can't wait to make more myself.

Smiles and Blessings Ya'll!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life's Happy Quotes

The happy and inspiring things my friends have said to me today..BEHOLD.

In a way. But, you're trying to fight it. Most people don't. You're one strong and inspiring little lady. - Georgia

I only give them because I like your art. You show me so many different things but none of them are ever the same. They all have their own flair and ideas you put into them. You think about your art and it shows. You don't just churn out variations of the same idea. - Torin, on how he's always so complimentary towards my art work.

I think you're pretty open minded. You take other people's view points and put them into action a lot more than other people I know. People usually ask for advice and still just do whatever THEY want to do.. - Georgia

I hope you have a splendid, creative weekend ya'll!!

Smiles and Blessings,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jenipher with a splash of Cherry Runway

I've been trying to mix up all of the craftiness in my world by creating loads of different genres of work. Right now i really love these nightly doodles and have enjoyed drawing every day.

i <3 flowers.

This is one of my favorite nightly doodles I've done.

Hee. So simple and still makes me smile.

I love art.

Chains of Smokey Garnet




It's hard to make sure I'm devoting enough time to Cherry Runway right now, especially since I've been enjoying other art venues so much right now, but I've still had time to create some new designs.

So what do ya'll think?? :)

Smiles and Blessings,


Don't Rain on my Doughnut.

Rebecca from Rebecca Bouche is a delightful artists from New Orleans. She draws and paints with an emotionally folksy style, and i love it! She says it better then me in her mission statement.

"I have created my sensibility and style of artmaking out of a love for crafty, sugary, folk, organic, honest, whimsical objects and settings. I am often exploring a metaphor for something that is essentially human and vulnerable."

All of her work is really great, so go check out her Etsy and see which one is YOUR favorite?

Monday, March 1, 2010

One Year Ago today...

[[or in the last couple days..]] :D

I was in South Florida, visiting my family, and learning how to cook from my GREAT italian aunt. She's wonderful, her and my uncle both are, and i miss them very much.

We were learning how to make a proper "Aioli". Which is a combination of garlic, onions, olive oil, olives, pine nuts, parsley and basil. She makes hers with macaroni and broccoli.

Aunt Kiki's Aioli

Put oil in pot, put heat on medium (this will be a sauce) (this is for less then 1/2lb or a package of macaroni) a little more then a quarter cup of oil.
Add 5 or 6 cloves of FRESH garlic
Slice them thin, and brown them.
Then add Parsley, a level table spoon.
1/2 teaspoon basil.
6 olives cut into small pieces. (quarter pieces)
1/2 teaspoon granulated garlic.
Some pine nuts (or you can add walnuts). Add a table spoon.
Let it simmer on medium.
Boil macaroni for 10 minutes.
After 6 minutes take 3/4 cup of the pasta water and add it to the oil.
Take a little at the time so it doesn't splatter at you.
Drain macaroni, then put it in dish and poor the sauce over it.


Aunt Kiki Tip!! *Buy [very white] garlic, put it in the jar, whole with skin on, without cover to keep them up to 9 days.**

I learned MAD card skillz playing with my Aunt over the last 20 some years, and it's always cool to see how close the game gets AND to see who wins... I WIN!! :D :D

This meal is really great, and very inexpensive. Add whatever veggies you have on hand, add a different type of nuts, use your imagination! You will be happily surprised at how wonderful this pasta dish tastes. :D