Friday, September 12, 2008

Arg....still no internet.

I am still internetless....BUT i just started taking my jewelry fabrication classes. In the 1st class i met a bunch of friendly, eager women. We made a Sterling silver ring from start to finish. It was a great class; the teacher was friendly and patient. My beautiful ring, which is a little hammered band sits happily on my right pointer finger.

This week we are supposed to sketch a design for a pendent we are starting next week. It's supposed to be the size of a postage stamp and not to intricate. We are given little gemstones to set in the pendent.

I already have a few designs I'm working on, and am very excited to start this project! :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No internet, New Items and Shows...oh my!

Ok friends..this is just killing me. i STILL don't have Internet access. I'm hiding in the back of a Panera using their Internet. I can't stay for long, just long enough to upload some new items on thy website and etsy. Check these babies out! :)

Also...i have loads of exciting shows coming up.

* Every 2nd Thursday i participate in Sanford's "Alive at 5" event, which i've written about before.

* I am also going to be at Infusion Tea - Orlando's 1st "Fall in Love with Handmade" event, which I'm stoked about. It;s held at my favorite tea house, Infusion Tea on Sept. 27th.

* THEN!! Stitch Rock will take the stage on October 4th. I am soooo very excited to be part of this event. I applied last year and didn't attend, but this year, i have got my table and everything and am ready to rock.

* Art Farm is a local artsy events in downtown Orlando. I don't know a ton about it, except it seems awesome. This event is Oct. 19th.

And lastly...but certainly not least, i am very excited to be participating in the Atomic Bazaar. I have read many articles about this stellar event, and am proudly wearing my grin at my Cherry Runway table on December 14th.

Come to these shows folks!! You won't be disappointed! :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

It's been toooo long!!

I know i've stated this for ages now, almost monthly it seems. This time it's legitimate though! I haven't had the internet for almost two months! It's been sad, very sad.

Better on my carpol tunnel though. ;)

I have good news though!!

Everyone's two favorite necklaces are BACK.

Play Me A Ditty

Up Up & Away

I have even been making some new creations i shall post soon. I hope your all having a swell week! I look forward to the internet returning, and writing again soon.

Tootles. :)