Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Year friends!!!

I'm sure almost all of you have seen this MORE than once, but i just love it WAY too much NOT to share it! :)


Are you doing anything super cool for NYE?
The few things I've head that were neato was to make sure to eat 12 grapes at midnight... and to have lentils tonight. Both for prosperity. Both separate culture superstitions I'm sure. 

Please! Be safe friends.
 Drink a Shirley Temple for me!!

See you in the new year! 
aka in less than 24 hours. ;)


Motivational Monday!

Watching Over Us
Good golly i LOVE this doodle! I added it to both my Society6 and my Nightly Doodles Etsy shop! :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Foodie Friday: Christmas Pie.

This is the first Christmas i haven't spent in Florida with my family. 

The boy and i wanted to do something special and relaxing for the holiday so we decided to stay home all day and make a nice dinner while we danced, baked, listened to music and watched movies. 

 ^ Our fancy salmon, mashed potatoes, and salad ^
It was the first time I've ever made a pumpkin pie and i had no idea what to do.
I found an easy enough recipe, and headed out to do my shopping

Low and behold, NO ONE had Pumpkin Spice, OR a vegetarian friendly pie crust. So, $20 later, i bought a graham cracker crust, and i made my own DARN Pumpkin Pie Spice, thanks to Joy The Baker.  

 ^ boy Instagramming our snazzy pie!^
All and all it was a successful Christmas. It was my first one where i was joyful, thankful and content, and i shed not a single tear. 
 (Which for that last one, is a REAL Christmas miracle)

I sincerely hope you all had a nice holiday too.  
Best Wishes
A happy Foodie Friday! 

This Scardy Kat TRIUMPHS.

I feel paralyzed

^ thanks Dan Lugo ^ 
For the last few days I've wanted to blog, I've made leaps and bounds giving myself GRACE in what i feel I'm going to do with my blog in the upcoming year... I've come up with ideas on paper, and now...

I can't.
to blog.

I keep fighting with myself that barely anyone reads my Cherry Runway or my Nightly Doodles blog anyways, so why is this so hard for me... :(
This week i joined the Clubhouse.  

A group for artistic, business minded, determined women and men who need some community and coaching to make their lives and business' better and more efficient

So far I've already been so very blessed by the folks I've met so far, and the coaching call from today. Which is giving me the motivation to blog right now

It's scary, but the only thing i can do now is persevere... and persevere i WILL!

Thank you for reading my honesty friends.. I'm about to post my Foodie Friday post with even MORE honesty, so please bare with me. :)

Smiles and SO MUCH THANKS,

Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Motivation

I am really proud of all of the doodles i posted this week on the Nightly Doodles blog.


All of these amzing doodles are available on my Etsy shop or Society6 shop. :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Foodie Friday: Beyond Sushi

  How FREAKING amazing does this sushi look?!?

Good golly! I can't WAIT to try "Beyond Sushi"! This detail oriented sushi eatery isn't your ordinary sushi place...

Beyond Sushi offers vegan cuisine with so much detail and such amazing images it's almost too pretty to devour. 
I'm hoping the boy and i get to go here in the next couple weeks, and then i can report how incredible it is first hand. :)

Have you heard of any amazing restaurants as of late?
Happy Foodie Friday friends! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Motivation anyone?

This week on the Nightly Doodles blog, i finally blogged for the whole week! phew! FINALLY!

It was a really good mix of silly doodles and inspirational doodles if i do say so myself. :)

This one ^^ is BY FAR my favorite of the bunch though. :) 

I hope this motivates you at least a little this morning. It helped me some... it SERIOUSLY feels like a Monday today!

here's to a GREAT week!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Foodie Friday: Quinoa; To Eat or NOT to Eat.

                            Source: via Jenipher on Pinterest

I've been eying quinoa for a long time now... and aside from FINALLY learning how to properly say the same Keen-Wah, I've been incredible intimidated to try cooking it.

Thus, on this fine Foodie Friday, instead of blogging about where i ate this week, i'm going to blog these recipes, to hopefully keep myself accountable to try,to INSPIRE you to try cooking quinoa!

                    Source: via Jenipher on Pinterest

These top two recipes are totally something i would make at home, and hopefully i WILL try in the next couple weeks. This one below though, looks GORGEOUS to my eye, but i most likely will not be trying. 

                              Source: via Jenipher on Pinterest

I'm not a huge pomegranate fan for the texture... but i AM a pomegranate fan when it comes to doodling them. :

That counts right?
I think so. :)

Happy Foodie Friday friends!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Motivation!

This is the lovely assortment of "doodles" posted on my Nightly Doodles blog this past week.

This first one is my favorite i've made in a long while, and i'll be adding it to my Etsy shop this week.

And yes... i know i spelled concur wrong. I think... well no, i didn't know, but after my boyfriend, a girlfriend from back home AND a guy i haven't talked to in a LONG time messaged me to tell me... i guess it's spelled wrong.

Ha. It's soo typical of me to have spelling mistakes, i've just learned to EMBRACE them!

I hope ya'll have an amazing Monday! 

Stay Motivated!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Foodie Friday: Modca Cafe

I had a SUPER great experience at a new cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn i visited this past week. It's called Modca Cafe; the boy found it for me and I'm so thankful he did.

I ordered a coconut green tea, and he ordered a cookie for us to share before he left to go back to work. 

LOOK at those chocolate chunks!! Goodness. It was yummy. 

The atmosphere was amazing, and the artwork on the walls....INCREDIBLE!! The artist is named BD WHITE, you can see a couple of his paintings in the first image.

The minute i left i wanted to go back, and can't wait to next week! :D  

Happy Foodie Friday Friends!
 -Jenipher :)


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'm feeling PROUD of myself. :)

Yesterday was a pretty cool day.

After a few hours of jewelry making at home, i went to meet the boy for lunch. [one of my favorite things!] We ate a delicious vegan lunch and then i went to a BRAND NEW amazing cafe. [which i will blog about Friday] 


While at the cafe, i was working on an interview for something really exciting which i will share with you tomorrow[ish].

While 'researching' for this interview i took a glace at my Tumblr site where i was first sharing my Nightly Doodles... and i was in awe. I'm so proud of how many days i drew, and how far along i've come as an illustrator [not just a girl who doodles]. It's such a blessing. Good golly!  

It inspired me so very much that i have decided I'm going to start doodling every night again, in addition to the colored doodles i post on my Nightly Doodles blog.

I'm so excited about this new/old venture that i drew for over an hour last night, which made my heart so very happy!

I recommend looking into your past accomplishments small and large when you feel like you need your passion's fire re-lit.

It helped me so much yesterday.
now off to find me that cupcake. ;)


Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Motivation Anyone?

As previously mentioned in the last post, this week has just been INSANE so today's post will be very small. BUT i really really do enjoy both of these doodles!


^^ Say Hi to Gertie. :) ^^

This doodle above was one drawn after being inspired by Kimberly's blog post i had the pleasure of reading! I seriously LOVE doodling for her blog and hope i get the opportunity again soon. :)

This week i WILL promise to blog every day though, all my shows are over so this should be do-able! :D 

Have a lovely Monday friends!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Nightly Doodles @ Chelsea Market Baskets!!

Exciting News! 

...and an apology for my lack of blog posts, but goodness it's been SO busy since Chelsea Market ended! I've been selling at the Artist and Fleas in Brooklyn for the past two weekends, making new merch for the lovely Brooklyn folk. [more about that later]

AND... My work is NOW sold at Chelsea Market Baskets in NYC!!!!

I've been working my little tushy off preparing line sheets, and after a few persistent weeks, they placed an order! 

I'm so VERY excited! I love CMB. I think they have amazing merchandise and a friendly staff. Above and below are some of the STELLAR cards they will be selling there!

They picked up my whole line of "Hello NY" cards you see above. The boy actually came up with the idea, along with lots of the new prints i offer too!! 

[it's such a blessing to have a creative friend around all the time!]

 Lastly but NOT lease, they picked up my BRAND NEW card [above] i actually designed JUST to show them!

Because of this adventure, i have almost 20 different NYC inspired greeting cards. Now... to figure out if i should list them online?

What do YOU think? 

Now...back to regular blogging i hope! More adventures to share next week!

Thanks for reading friends!
-jenipehr :)