Monday, August 27, 2007

Another One of those Augest 19ths... :)

Brian and I, never knowing what to do, ended up walking around a golf course behind my Aunt's house. Walking around, jumping in sand pits, watching viedos on his Iphone and talking.





I swear to you, i'm the "normal" one. :)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Can i just Quote August 19th?

On Sunday, Camilo met me in Hollywood. We walked around all of Hollywood Circle (my how it has changed), ate lunch on the beach and eventually ran through sprinklers. Twas a fun afternoon.






Growing up, my FAVORITE past time was at my friend Amanda's house the morning's her dad made us pancakes. They are THE BEST pancakes i've ever eaten, and boy have i eatin a lot of pancakes.


After dinner-breakfast, Mandy showed me how to put on makeup. How does it look?


Thursday, August 23, 2007


What do you do when so many people around you tell you to give up your dream?


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thank Goodness for Fun.

It's been a really hard couple of months. But days like yesterday are magical, recharging you, making you bright eyed and bushy tailed again. It started off as a wonderful day.... I had breakfast with my family, watched TV with my mom and then saw my friend Brian. He showed me the Channel 7 news station (that's where he works), we got lost going on an adventure and he took me to a Mexican restaurant. (I've never really had Mexican food). It was by far, some of the best food I've eaten in a while.

Jen Helicopter.

The Tv Station was uber intimidating, way to many buttons, way to many video tapes and a beautiful bed of water behind the studio. This H is where the Fox helicopter lands when it comes back to the station.


There is one satellite for each channel they are receiving. I think. These are a couple of them.

BK scores!

Brian and I went to game works to kill off his game card and thought it kind of sucked. The old school games were quite awesome though, and although i can't remember the name of this game, he did a stellar job making high score.

THE BEST Mexican Food.

I told Brian I'd never really had Mexican food and he knew exactly where to take me. Paquito's Mexican Restaurant is in Miami and by far the THE best food! I had a vegetarian combo.

The picture sucks BUT let me tell you that when a picky eater tells you a place is wonderful, you have to try it!

Paquitos Decor.

After Brian's i went to go to my Aunt's house to see her again before i went back to Orlando. Twas a very nice day. :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Peacefully Pretty new jewels!

There is a boutique in my home town that said i could bring in some things that she'll put on consignment. So this is the assortment I'm bringing. It's a classy upscale boutique with loads of beautiful clothes, mostly in monochromatic tones. What do you think?

Green Peace

Multi Metal Love


Czech your Heart

Moon Pearl Hearts


Czech Peace

Newspaper Bracelet

Charmed Peace

My mom really likes them, and she's a really good customer at the store so hopefully that's a good sign. Wish me luck!

Cherryfully Cute!

Annie's Adorable Doors!

This cute blue door is all mine! I asked Annie from "The Merry Muse" to make me a door pendant and she created quite a few cute ones! To thank me for the idea of making these pendants she gave me the blue one. Isn't it stellar?!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A little about me (and business as always). :)

I found a really awesome blog by a girl named Elsie Flannigan who had a challenge to make a list of 24 things i wanted to accomplish before my 24th birthday. I didn't win the challenge, but i really enjoyed making the list.

1) Enjoy everyday.
2) Learn to cook.
3) Stop criticizing myself.
4) Play a set at a coffee house with all my own songs.
5) Sell my jewelry to someone important.
6) Grow my business.
7) Find out what I'm supposed to do in life.
8) Roller blade more often.
9) Take more pictures.
10) Stop hibernating.
11) Clean my house completely.
12) Paint my room.
13) Organize my studio.
14) Decide where I'm supposed to be.
15) Be myself.
16) LAUGH more often.
17) Cook for my family.
18) Ask my relatives about their lives.
19) Listen to my mother and father.
20) Read more books.
21) Be spontaneous.
22) Go on a road trip.
23) Try to stop over analyzing everything.
24) Say Thank You more.

I'm making a new ad to send to people once my website is completed. I really like it so far and have gotton a good responce. Let me know what you think!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Goodies!

I've been trying to hussle in hopes of have meetings with some new galleries in good ol' South Florida in two weeks. My only fear is that now that i've hussled to make them these gems they will reject them. :( Lets cross our fingers!

Purple Kingdom


Sleek Blue Skys

Neutrally Natural

I've recently come about some of the most AMAZING blogs on the World Wide Web, formally known as (www) :) These women are so inspirational! I know there are
many more blogs to write (blog) about, but here are the three i'm looking at
right now. Enjoy!!

Lisa Hoffman
Crafty Girl
A Beautiful Mess

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Jewels at Cherry Runway.

The weeks are going by so quickly and i can't seem to catch up. I have to make jewelry, make catalogs, take images, photoshop them, print flyers and find galleries to accept my work. I'm on overload and right now not always motivated to continue this process. Sadly. :( But alas, at least i have a few new pieces of jewelry to show for my lack of hours at work.

Game Night

Oceans Blue

Red Scartlett

Strawberry Watermelons.

Love is in the Air.

What do you think?

Regular Gals Life.

My future? Thank Goodness!

I've been having some problems right now with my future. It's been on my mind day and night.

I had this old fortune cookie and went to open it today and it was so stale it just opened completely without breaking. This was the messege that was inside.

A sign perhaps?


Pasta and vegetables is my signature dish. My friends come over and want me to make my pesto flavored pasta. they've even asked me for the recipe, which i think is funny, since there is not much to it. Pesto, some garlic, oregano and good fresh cheese. But shh.. don't tell them that.

Grape Pie.

I bought these unique grapes called Champagne grapes a while back and when i found them again i was so excited i bought two bins of them. Sadly, they were awful!! They were sooo sour, and uneatable. But...what are you supposed to do with two hugh boxes of grapes? My co-worker suggested i make a pie out of them. So i went home and whipped up a grape pie.

For future reference, never bother making a grape pie. It just doesn't work. It was a calorie filled pie shell with sour grapes on top. At least it posed for a picture.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thinking about the tomorrow of yesteday.

I've come to the conclusion that i spend way to much time just "waiting". Waiting for tomorrow or until I'm done with this project, for someone to come meet me, for food to cook, traffic lights, until work is over, blah blah blah. It's completely endless. We all just spend so much time concentrating on our next step, that many of times, we miss out on the present.

Honestly, "right now" isn't extremely exciting, and not much to live for. I feel trapt,
overwhelmed most days because right now, isn't where i feel i should be. I feel like my "right nows" are preparing for my "soon to be's" and I'll tell you what?

It's an endless battle...there will always be something to look forward to in the future, now i just have to figure out how to love every minute of the current life I've been given.. because one shall never know how long the waiting game shall be.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

As the song i dislike says "...It's been a while..." (since i last posted)

Nothing majorly exciting happening in Cherry Runway land right now. I've been trying to make and photograph like a fiend so portions of my catalog is actually complete. I'm actually having to make three different ones, because I'm sending catalogs to three different types of bouqties and galleries. So, that's quite time consuming, but it's fun, so it's worth it.

Vintage LoveOrganic TigerEleuthera

Other then that, I've mostly been trying my best to stay motivated, but getting distracted by Izzie, my beautiful acoustic guitar, she takes away my concentration. On the bright side, i've writen two new songs as of late.

Okay, well, i hope everyone is doing well!! Craft on!