Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Week of an Artist! (part II)

 A few weeks ago i posted my first 'segment' of "the week of an artist" and i'm here to bring you some more little tidbits of my Insta-gramed life. ;) 

 The last few weeks, as you read in the previous post have been filled with LOTS of drawing, custom orders, and working as hard as i can to make my Etsy shops as BEST as they can be!
(which is a EVERYday job!)

It's also my grandma's birthday today! The boy and i wished her a happy birthday by sending her this photo [along with a bunch of other ones] to her Walgreens for her to pick up. 
[good freaking golly does she love 4x6 photos!!] 

I wonder if i'll still be obsessed with photos when I'm in my 80's...

I hope you're all having a GREAT GREAT day!
smiles to you dear friends,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A few custom orders? si!

I just wanted to show you a few of the custom orders i've made for some really cool gals!

It's been SUCH a blessing to have these orders, and to get my "nightly doodles" etsy shop off the ground!

I'm so thankful. <3

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

life is so SO good.

It's been so crazy here. But SOOOO good crazy! I've been traveling to see my family and handle some grown up things in Florida. I just got back a few days ago!

While i was there, this LOVELY lady with the pink DO had her SECOND!! art show [in ONE MONTH!] I'm so freaking proud of her, and SO THANKFUL to call her my friend! 

Good golly Carissa, i love you. 
Her work is amazing, you just MUST look at it.
[here!] and [here!]

I also went from having NO sales in my 'Nightly Doodles' etsy shop, to having not 1... but FIVE!! sales, and a custom order for an original painting! HOORAY!

[i'll show you all of those images tomorrow!]
Amazing things happened while i was in Florida!! I'm still running on the high of greatness!! But instead of being in Floria , I'm doing it while being back home with the boy i love in the city I'm still getting used to. 

Life is good. :)


Yo, Ya dig my GRILL!?

This TOTALLY made me laugh today! It was amazing! How funky crazy is this necklace? 

Gem makes AMAZINGLY stellar things in her shop, "The Triangle of Bears". I seriously reccomend heading over there to take a ganter.

have a BEAUTIFUL day friends,
over and out,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brownies, Friendship and Inspiration.

I am so overjoyingly happy!
(yes...that's a word!)
I know it's only three pm (when i wrote this lol, but now it is 4:30) but today has made my heart burst into pieces in a wonderful way.

I had the pleasure of meeting Aimee from Artsyville today (and her adorable, smart daughter Audrey. I got to take her to my favorite cafe in NY, The Bean, share fudge-y brownies and chat about out life, art, and having kids.

Audrey was more inspiring then i even thought possible. And the way she described her other daughter brought more nostalgia then I've felt in a while.

This doodle is for you scientist Audrey!

I hope you're having an inspired day, or at least have a day coming up where you can fill up your heart with joy, love, and motivation!

Much love friends,