Friday, November 22, 2013

Join Our Magical Campaign: Unicorns Buy Local and Handmade!

I teamed up with the wonderful and talented Karen of Markets Of New York City to create this campaign to remind everyone to BUY LOCAL and HANDMADE for the holidays!
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Who can resist a Magical Santa Unicorn? Nobody, that’s who!
Please Join Us!
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Feel free to right click and download this image and spread it far and wide this season!
Santa Unicorn says, “Be Magical!! Buy local, handmade holiday gifts!”
You can find thousands of special gifts in the Holiday Markets of New York City!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Who's READY for a BOOK UPDATE?!?

Bout time right!?!

Since my last post I've been writing like CRAZY!!!! 

Last Tuesday night I went to a lecture about children's book publishing. After hearing HOW LONG it took, and how much the editors might change, i left there thinking...


That night, i couldn't sleep because i was so stoked. I came up with a whole Kickstarter plan and have been ready and working on the book like MAD since that evening! 

This book is WAYYY too important to wait two years, and i'm not willing to part with my title i've come up with OR my illustrations.. so LOOK OUT WORLD, this book will be ready by February! 


If you're interested in hearing more about when the book will be published, or about the Kickstarter campaign, please let me know! :)

As always, THANKS for reading!!
- Jenipher 

Monday, November 11, 2013

YOU. dear friend. Have a PURPOSE.


In a world where it's hard not to compare yourself, and feel like you're just moving through the motions, I wanted to encourage you...

I'm a TRUE believer that we all have different purposes. Your purpose is just a passion that makes life feel 'right'. Everyone's is different from one another! It can be anything from having an illustration business, to cooking delicious meals every night. Traveling and exploring new places, to sharing and telling people about your adventures. A purpose can be anything that allows you and others to share joy

Once you find what your passionate about, life feels even MORE fulfilling. 
My PASSION is the Book i'm writing.


Hope you are having a GLORIOUS Monday!!
-Jenipher :)