Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday ME!!!

It's my birthday!!

Right now i am GALLIVANTING through South Carolina! I'm so excited! Tonight, i'll be eating at a stellar restaurant called Magnolias to celebrate!

Whoo hoo!! 
To celebrate with ya'll i'm offering 10% with the coupon code BIRTHDAY! I'll send your parcel when i return on the 2nd. Enjoy!
It's my birthday!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Motivational Monday!

This past week has been pretty busy indeed!
I had another demo at Chelsea Market Baskets this past Saturday and it went AMAZINGLY well! 

I sold {{58}}} cards in about three hours. :)
I'm so stoked about that!  

In addition, I've been working a bunch on a custom order for a ship in Michigan, so soon you'll see Nightly Doodles in THREE states! whoo!! These last few weeks have been crazy and exciting!!  


Friday, March 22, 2013

Alice's Tea Cup. I love you.

Yesterday was just glorious!
And perfect timing for
Foodie Friday indeed!!

^ more about these later! ^

I had two huge pleasures yesterday!! Meeting the amazing Lesley of "When Guinea Pigs Fly
And going to Alice's Tea Cup in Manhattan. (finally!!!!!!)

My experience at Alice's was PURE bliss.  When we walked in it felt so cozy, and the "hostess" was amazingly sweet. All the staff is so friendly. Overly helpful indeed!

Our meals were brought out super promptly. The food is SO much larger then we thought! More than enough! 

 ^ I had the carrot cumin sandwich, which was delightful! ^
 The tea I had was incredible. I wish I remember the name of it #fail

I ordered the Banana Nutella cake to take home for me and boy to share later that night. Look at it below and tell me you're not drooling...


And then!!! Just when I though it couldn't get any better...! the "hostess", who was actually the manager, made it even more magical! She offered me a free scone for being excited and patient when we arrived! And then when I couldn't decide between two different ones, she gave me both.

Good golly! Yay!!
Thank you SO MUCH Lindsey!

Now i'm off to yelp and foursquare how amazing Alice's is!! ttfn!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Delayed Blogging = GOOD NEWS!

Oh goodness... it feels like FOREVER since i last blogged! I've just been too busy to keep up with social media this week! :/

Since it's already late into Monday evening, I'll keep this short, sweet and PACKED with images!  

In short, this has been my week! It's been CRAZY busy, hard, and glorious at all once! So many lovely things to share. Soon.

Until then dear friends..
Jenipher :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pastel Colors, Owls, and LEARNING galore!

^ This is my FAVORITE new zine page! 

Man, I'm trying really hard to even remember this past week! It was a definitely
{ L E A R N I N G } 
I spent almost the WHOLE week working my time around Jenn Lee's video summit. There were SO many incredible calls, and so many amazing doodles that came from them!

I picked up my first consignment check from Stray Vintage! Hooray! These little guys sold quite well there indeed!

This coming week I'm working hard trying to write more of my "Nightly Doodles" story... I've been experimenting with using similar colors in a bunch of illustrations.

Like these beauties. :)
Stay tuned !!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIVE INto you Dreams!

shh... this post will ACTUALLY be posted on my "Nightly Doodles" blog tomorrow so don't tell! 


It's time to take action and DIVE IN to your dreams!

I drew this doodle during one of Jen Lee's Right Brain video summit call last week. And THEN i colored it while listening to a "Grown Up Gigs" call by Michelle Ward.

SO MUCH listening lately.
So many doodles! :D
Happy Thursday!


I'm applying to win a #RBBIZ scolorship which is really why I'm sharing the same post on both blogs. 

So, here is a terrible video explaining WHY i want this scholarship. Sorry about my hair!! [hey, i work from home!] ;)  

After watching my own video:
ACK! lol i talk really fast, and ramble... Ha. This is so scary. 


Monday, March 4, 2013

New Comics AHOY!

Okay so this week was CRAZY busy!! I have SO MUCH to share! But for now, I'll just start with something I'm SO SO SO excited about! 

My new comic!


Clare Carrot Comic came to life when my friend Jess visited last {last} weekend. We were at the Met and i needed a little drawing break; thus CLARE was born!

BUT, before Clare, these silly carrot drawings were drawn.


To explain a little bit more, the crazy red head comedian 'Carrot Top' lives in Orlando Florida, and would often be seen running. Running topless. [this statement brought up a swell conversation about how folks don't say men are topless, and are actually 'shirtless', but whatever. I have my own lingo. :) 

Anyways, I'm SUPER excited to show you more comics! I'm unleashing them little by little on my Nightly Doodles blog.

Have a motivated, inspired day!
-Jenipher :)