Friday, September 28, 2012

Apple Cake and Cute Doggies!

A bunch of our friends went apple picking a couple weekends ago. Boyfriend and i couldn't go because we were still apartment hunting. :(  BUT.. 

we got to help make LOTS of apple related cakes and sauces after everyone got back. :)

 If my memory serves me correctly two of our friends had picked over 40 apples. She decided to make her family's apple cake, sauce and pie.

Her puppy Mia was a VERY big help, as you can see here. :)

Right after the apple cake came out of the oven [and cooled for....5 minutes? lol] we pretty much devoured it. Good thing there was a backup... ANOTHER CAKE! [and pie...and sauce!]

After we cooked and cooked for  h o u r s, used over 30 apples, and had a house full of friends of laughter...we still had 14 apples left!

Twas great fun though.
Have you cooked anything fun lately?


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome to my CRAZY life.

 Happy  Friends!


from L to R: 

* a collage of all of recent doodles. LOVE IT!
   * A peek of my newest card collection, "Hello NY"
  * SO MUCH jewelry being made for shows and shops
* My snazzy new Nightly Doodles pendants
* a recent truth-a-doodle
*  Another look at one of my "Hello NY" cards.

Life has been mad busy lately. 
Lots of fun progress has been made, a random little art show has passed [it was terrible!] and I'm in preparation mode for my next show...
Artist and Fleas @ Chelsea Market.
Oct 16th - November 18th.


If you're in NY, I'd love to see you there! 

What creative adventures have you had lately?


Monday, September 24, 2012

Here's to Moody Monday!!

Happy Moody Monday everyone!! Now on to show you the latest and hopefully inspiring happenings of my Nightly Doodles blog.  :) :)

Blogged: September 17th, 2012. 
I have a card version, if you'd like. :)

Blogged: September 18th, 2012. 
I have a print available!

Blogged: September 17th, 2012. 
I have a card set in the WORKS if you'd like!
 Blogged: right now. 
I don't have a card version, if you'd like, lol.
I post this because...
 the boy and i FINALLY FOUND AN APT!!!! 
Last Monday, i posted about our terrible search process, and it's SUCH a blessing to finally find one. BUT because of this long dragged our process, i didn't get to blog Thursday and Friday on my Nightly Doodles blog, and on here last Foodie Friday. :( 

I'm going to do my BEST to try and post as much as i can this week. 

Off to go [continue to] unpack!
-Jenipher :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Promos, Postcards .... WICKED!

Oh man... only 7 minutes until Wednesday! Late on blogging AGAIN...

Well, at least i have good reason! 
Boyfriend and i just WON two tickets in the lottery to see 'WICKED' the musical. We got our tickets discounted because of it and JUST arrived home. [more on that later!]

These last two weeks, boyfriend and i have been working really hard making new promotional postcards to send to future wholesalers [i hope!] and to current customers as a thank you postcard. 

I love how they came out and i can't wait to start sending them!

Tune in soon for some stellar photo collages of our super amazing New York day!

-Jenipher :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Moody Monday!! {strikes again!}


Eek! Only another 30 minutes before Monday is over!! 
I know this is the LATEST 'monday' blog post EVER, but it's been CRAZY TOWN here.

Boyfriend and i have been apartment hunting for over three weeks now. It's waring on us, our sanity, and my tear ducts especially.

Thus... my poor blog got a little neglected this week. :( 

But Luckily, i'll make it up this week with LOTS of exciting news!!
Talk to ya'll all tomorrow 
AKA in less then a few hours! ;) 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tell me Tuesday! [and a NEW ND book!]


I know i've posted on here about the book i self published last year.

In 2011, i was given a very generous artist development grant from United Arts Organization. The funds provided me with many things, including funding to [self publish] my own book of "Nightly Doodles"

This 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 square, full color book, houses 18 original illustrations hand drawn by me. All of my 'doodles' are then digitally colored and printed on glossy paper for this book. :)

The book was a big success! Recently, i printed a 2012 edition [again self publishing!] but one day i hope to get the funds or support to have it in bulk. [and have more editions!]

I hope this book inspires you AS MUCH as it's inspired me putting it together.  

Would you like a copy?
:) :) :),

Monday, September 10, 2012

Moody Monday: Encouraging Doodle anyone?

Blogged: Sept 9th. 
Blogged: Sept 8th. 
Blogged: Sept 5th. 
Want a copy?
Blogged: Sept 4th. 

Hooray! My first [new] Moody Monday/nightly doodle post!
What do you think?


Friday, September 7, 2012

Foodie Friday: Tofu Chinese Food

I really really REALLY love Asian markets!

In New York, we have Flushing, which is in Queens. It's not a market as much as it is a WHOLE town of mostly Asian [mostly Chinese i think?] shops and restaurants and markets!

It's super fun, but slightly confusing because i am often one of the only white folk and have no idea what half of everything is.

There's one amazing market there that has the LARGEST amount of produce and meat substitutes i've ever seen. It's a vegetarians dream. :)

My favorit-ist meal i've made from this market is the one above; White Rice, Peas, Asian cabbage and Seitan.

This particular Seitan was very very thick, and when cooked it kind of tasted like bread. Very fluffy bread, which made it SUPER fun for a carb-ovore like me. :) 

It was super easy too!
Just saute everything, cook the rice and WHAM! It's done. :)

Sometimes being a vegetarian is just TOO fun!
Happy Foodie Friday ya'll!