Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brooklyn Zine Fest THIS Sunday!!

I can't believe after weeks and weeks or printing and months of work that Brooklyn Zine Fest is FINALLY here! It's this Sunday, and i hope to see you there! :)

Above is an article they posted about me on their blog [click it!] and HERE is a link from the ladies of The Runcible Spoon who mentioned me on this post*

I'm super excited to share my COMPLETED zine with ya'll and hope to see you all on Sunday! <3 br="">

* That's not actually me in the picture they mentioned. :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Facebook, Cheese making, and Asking for help.

I just want to start out by saying not everyone will agree with me... boy certainly wouldn't... but Facebook is amazing.

To keep myself from spending pretty much any money, and to make myself get everything done that i have to, i really haven't left the house. Like, at all. In days.

The problem with that is by the end of the day i start to get sad. Especially random nights when boy has plans and i know I'll literally be alone and home from early AM to late PM...

Tonight, while having a mini sad-down, i posted on Facebook and asked what people suggested. 12 people wrote back. 12!!!! I'm literally amazed and thankful.
My friend [and neighbor] Jenny was randomly online, and invited me over for tea.[her husband was at the same event Boy was] We ended up making ricotta cheese from scratch while i was there which was BEYOND cool! Then i came home, painted and packed orders. It was perfection. 

Asking for help sometimes isn't bad. Even if it's online. Don't be scared you're going to annoy people or share too much. The right person will respond. Or in tonight's case... 12. 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Painting, and Zines and Smiles, oh my!

I've been painting up a STORM! And drawing a TON of hands. Yay American Sign Language!


I'm super excited how all of them are coming out, and STOKED I'm feeling a little more comfortable with my canvas friends. :)
I can't believe how quickly my show at Modca is coming up! The flyer is right below so please please come if you're nearby NY! I would LOVE THAT!
I'd also like to share that I'm vending at   

* Brooklyn Zine Fest, April 21st &
* Etsy NY's Spring Calvecade, May 4th


Well i have your attention [thank you for that!], i also want to share that you can NOW find "Nightly Doodle" onesies at Story NYC! YAY!!!

^ This is my FAVORITE onesie i make! ^

 A few nights ago, the Boy and i went to the Brooklyn museum. It was a 1st Saturday and the Brooklyn Zine Fest was having a recipe zine workshop!

May i add that Boy is famous now!! You can see his Salmon Sandwich recipe on the BZF blog

How freaking cool is this flyer for the event we went to? Ah so awesome.

Okay! Enough for now! 
...again i realize it's not Monday anymore, but I'd rather take the time to write a post I'm proud of, then rush to make Monday. :)

Thanks for your support friends!
Happy "Monday!"

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cow Milking = Engagement

Ahhh I'm so excited to be back! Hello blog friends! I was away on a birthday road trip extravaganza

And a funny thing happened the first day...
Crazy pants! 

While exploring "Middleton Place", a gorgeous plantation in Charleston, I made friends with dozens of animals, saw dozens of flowers, ate delicious food, and THEN milked a cow.. ALL before he popped the question!! :D

I've had a great time antagonizing wedding planning with my mom.

It was an such an incredible time! I had NO idea. NONE! I thought we were just going away for my birthday. Boy and i adventured in Charleston SC, Savannah Georgia, Jacksonville, Eustis and Orlando Florida. [more about those later!]

But now, back to your regular schedule programing... aka