Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jobs may suck but at least i had a wonderful dinner!

I work at a gallery in a town called Winter Park. It's an amazing American Craft Gallery, full of inspirational artist. It's a blessing, having this job, but right now it is PAINFULLY slow, and it's killing me. It's actually giving me headaches. All of us are bored, and none of us are going to make our goals since there are approx 10 customers a day now? s.u.m.m.e.r.t.i.m.e is so s.l.o.w there.

A few months ago, i was floored when they decided to take in my jewelry. It's a hugh blessing! I watch them turn down dozens of artists a day, and i'm stoked they've accepted my jewelry. I've brought in two collections to them so far. This collection has 30 pieces i'm trying to finish. In the last week i've brought in 20 new pieces.

On the bright side, i have some amazing co-workers. Tonight, my co-worker Devan invited me over to cook dinner with her. I've lived a very shelted life, especially in the food world, so tonight was an experiment for my taste buds. (which were very happy with my bravery to try new foods!) We made Mediteranian food, which i've not only never had.

Cooking With Devan

Cooking With Devan

Cooking With Devan

Cooking With Devan

Foods i tried:
*Jasmine Rice
*Tomato and Spinich (tried once or twice)
*Olives (3 kinds)
*Feta cheese

Okay, so i'm going to have to work on my food photography. You'd never guess i was once paid to be a food photograher. The food was amazing, very flavorful. You'll just have to take my work for it!! I'm going to have to let Devan cook more often. :) Thank you soo much Devan!

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Chip said...

Mmmm, I love Jasmine rice! It's all I use now. I like some Mediterranean food, but the only thing is that I don't like olives at all and that's kind of a big thing for them. Anywho, it looks good though. Great presentation :P And hooray for trying new things :)