Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good friends + Good Days = Wonderful!!

I've been living in my home since March and have never decorated. Well, after certain circumstances, i've decided decorating is very important!! Thus, the new wall color.
Inspired by one of my most favorite artsits, Alicia Paulson! Check our her blog at the link to the left. She is absolulty AMAZING!!!!!



Today was a very cool day indeed so i wanted to just share about it. I went to Austin's with my new friend Courtney and had a great ol' time chatting. I did some work around my house, talked to my friends Brian and Yolly on the phone and then had pizza with my friend Ben. My friend Lindsey called and stopped by Ben's house so i got to see her for a few. Then, Wesley was AWESOME!!! After ther service, I had some rather fun, spunky, and random banter and it was just grand. Overall, twas a wonderous day.


Felicia said...

Love the color!

Jess said...

Ooo, love that color! You had posted on my blog during Artsy Mama's artful blogging party and I am just now getting back around to purusing those that commented...been doing renovations and painting myself. You can see some of it on my blog. And my etsy store is finally up! Post more pics once your room is done! :-)