Monday, August 10, 2009

Would you like some asprin with your pity party?'s been so long. So sad. I've been MIA from the Internet world really..

I know i know..this is a Cherry Runway blog, but honestly, Cherry Runway has been the furthest thing from my mind as of late, and i feel somewhat guilty so i wanted to share a smidgen of my life for the last few weeks.

jendr -- quality picture? not to much. Meaningful picture? yes sir!

It has also been four? weeks now since my accident, of which, i am still on crutches for at least another three weeks. My gosh...i will try to never take for granted how easy it's easy to do things normally like go grocery shopping, walk to your mailbox, or even pick things up around the house. I haven't even fully unpacked from Renegade, or written out thank you notes to customers which is horrid, but i can't walk around. :( It's been weeks and I'm getting kind of frustrated, and tired that i need help to do EVERYTHING now. I can't even shower like a normal person. It's crazy.

On the bright side, the blessing of all of this, is knowing i AM capable of taking care of myself, of changing my bandages, or getting by for weeks on crutches, and for infinite trips to the clinic. I know I can handle these things without much help, and for that i am thankful. :)

PLUS it hasn't been all bad. I have actually had a real social life [offline] for once, which is kind of strange for me. ha! With this social life comes return of cooking, and playing my guitar which for those i am so thankful. These two have been major blessing in my life right now.




Brian and Amanda (who although are the 2nd of those names to be my friends) are number 1's to me! :) They are both gerat friends with amazing hearts and hearty appities. They have done everything from picked me up to go to Walmart, or church, to stay 17 hours just to hang, play guitar and cook great food. I am very appreaciative of both of you. [even if you won't see this because you don't read my blog!, lol] :)


Amanda said...

I read your blog, girl, & I feel the same way! :) You've been a blessing in my life, too, & I'm so glad to know you.

Cecilia said...

I can't believe you are still healing after your incident! (I met you in the Mary Engelbreit line at the Convention Center)
It's great that you have 2 great friends to help at this time,,They sound like they are the greatest! I do hope you get to where things are back to normal for you. Get well!