Sunday, November 1, 2009

But it's not Spring...rolls. :)

I <3 Spring Rolls i have no idea how i have lived 25 years without knowing the lovely goodness that is the spring roll. In fact, after one taste of the delicious peanutbuttery and hosin sauce [ie: peanut sauce] i think i have finally found my true love. When my friends and I were making the spring rolls in the second picture, they actually HID the Peanut Sauce from me. The horror!!

"No Jen, you are going to eat it all!"
" tastes so good on broccoli and bread and carrots and..."

You can understand their concern, i prolly could have consumed this sauce by the cup full.

Anyways, i highly suggest you start venturing into trying new foods, especially those from Vietnam. So far, everything i have tried is quite a dream for my taste buds. Just wait until i blog about the Vietnamese Meatloaf!!

Vietnamese Meatloaf


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