Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Year Ago..TODAY!!

I heart my iphoto. Apparently, THIS is what my mind was thinking about one year ago.

One Year Ago..TODAY!

Obviously, my Christmas tree was still happily lit.

This time last year is when i was going to take a 6 month sabbatical from working a day job to try and work on Cherry Runway full time

Then silly life at it's best, had a different direction for me, and i I got a new job a couple months later.

One Year Ago...TODAY!

Delicious home made eggs and potatoes. I <3 breakfast foods too.

And finally...a lovely necklace i finished...

Sandy Beaches

What were YOU doing this time last year??

Hope you're day is peachy!

Jenipher :D


Lindsay said...

wow that necklace is beautiful!!!!! and those potatoes.. yum!!!

Dan said...

Oh gosh, this time last year...

Ian and I were working hard at playing our first show in April. We did it in July or so, but it was good times.

Other than that... I don't even remember what classes I was taking. :\