Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My heart HURTS: Ned Vizzini.

The very FIRST book i think i EVER completed in my ENTIRE [reading] LIFE was a book called "Teen Angst Nahh" by Ned Vizzini. I was 19 years old. Today while compiling references for my book i looked him up to see what he's up to and see that he committed suicide in December. I'm seriously freaking out. It makes my heart SO SAD

Almost all of his book were about his struggles with everything from body image to depression, including a book called "It's Kind of a Funny Story" about his actual experience in a psychiatric hospital. I will be forever grateful for his books helping me becoming a human, and it hurts my heart to know i won't be reading another one of his books. 

 He had a wife and child...

While perusing the internets, i found a bunch of nice articles about him today. Here's a few of them.. 

Now.. it's off for me to FINALLY finish my encouraging book. I feel more then ever this week HOW important this book is!!! 

Sadly... but still encouraged...


Jennifer Johansson said...

So sorry to hear that. Mental illness is a bitch.

Timothy Gager said...

Ned would have enjoyed meeting you. He was a gracious and generous man. You'll see it here on Chase Whale's blog

and this one captured him well

Jenipher Lyn said...

It really is Jennifer :(

Aw that's sweet of you to say Timothy!! Those ARE amazingly good blog posts!! Thanks so much for sharing them!!