Monday, June 16, 2014

Have a beautiful [not mundane] Monday!

I hope you are having a MAGICAL Monday!!
Here in Nightly Doodle land I'm having one of those days where I end up doing household tasks to ignore all the other tasks i have to do.

You know those days? 

There are SO many exciting things to do, and so many mundane things to do, that i feel caught in the middle sometimes.

Alas, putting on a movie [Today is a Kristen Wigg one!] and just DOING THINGS is how it's just going to be. Perhaps creating a new #CollegeMonster will help speed up the process... [actually, i'm so excited at the thought i better get to work!] Ha.

^This^ my new obsession! I call them Collage Monsters!

Perhaps making a collage monster yourself will help YOUR day too!

-Jenipher :) 

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