Friday, June 5, 2009

Eight Things!

Eight Things!!

I'm a little behind, but I was tagged by Margot daysss ago, so here i go!

Strawberry Goodness

Eight Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1) My trip to California and the Renegade Craft Fair!
2) 80's Party on Wednesday Night!
3) FREE Kung Fu classes at my church!! Yay!
4) My online class with Rachel, and all my favorite RVA class friends!
5) [More] experimenting with shrinky dinks.
6) Another KRAFT night with my gal friends.
7) Hopefully going home to visit the family soon.
8) Crossing Fingers, a show, a show!

Eight Things I Did Yesterday
1) Slept later then 6am!
2) Worked at the cafe.
3) Had a FREE Jeremiah's because the Magic won!
4) Read inspiration magazines at Borders.
5) Had an AMAZING time at church.
6) Gave money to a missionary-friend. (She's going to India!)
7) Had a REALLY great conversation with my grandma.
8) Found out there are free kung fu classes!!

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do
1) USE MY SEWING MACHINE (I stole this from Margot)
2) Market Cherry Runway more efficiently.
3) Draw, or even doodle!!
4) Own my own boutique filled with handmade crafts!
5) Sell other artists work on my website!
6) Actually SLEEP.
7) Life a stressFREE life.
8) Make my curly hair look good all the time!

Eight Shows I Watch
1) I wish i could answer this, but i don't watch tv.
2) Any book by Sarah Dessen
3) or Ned Vizzini
4) or Megan McCafferty
5) or Danny Wallace

Eight Bloggers I am Tagging:
1) Lisa -
2) Dan -
3) Michele -
4) Rachel -
5) Lauren -
6) Stella -
7) Nikki -
8) Julianna -


Lauren said...

Yay me! I'll do this on my blog shortly :)

I'm way envious of this free Jeremiah's by the way! And your trip to California - how cool is that??

I'm reviewing the newest book by Sarah Dessen this week - I'll let you know how it is!

Dan said...

Jenn - I love you, but I hate memes, so I'm gonna be super-lame and not do it. But you probably already knew that. But only for you, here's a short version:

Two Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1) Dinner!
2) Bonfire tonight with friends.

Three Things I Did Yesterday
1) Worked
2) Worked
3) Worked

Five Things I Wish I Could Do
1) Tie a full windsor knot
2) Dance Tango
3) Keep my interest in anything long enough to fini