Friday, July 17, 2009

Boy oh Boy i love the ER...

So..i know this isn't Cherry Runway related, but i wanted to post anyways...

Tonight i had my first ER experience since i was 10. I just had a new room mate move in and his room was the "catch all" room. Since it was such a last minute move in, i threw all of the stuff into my room. Including three pieces of glass, out of their picture frames.

Now..when i sat those pieces of glass, oh so close to my closet, i did actually say to myself "Jen..that's not a good place for those, you should prolly move them" Alas..i did not move them.

Instead i sliced and ripped up big chunks of my toe tonight. So badly that it took an hour for the doctor to figure out how to sew up the large holes in my toe.

Twas fabulous! And i have the blood, sweat, tears and stitches to prove it.

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