Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tea Today, Hot Chocolate Tomorrow.

Tea Party

On my trip, i went coffee house hopping. I drank many wonderful drinks, but when hopping, atmosphere is key. I found two coffee shops that win my vote. In Charlotte, there is one called The Smelly Cat in North Davidson we frequented quite a few times. They make a mean milkshake, and pretty good brownies. It has a cute interior, with a nice staff and some nice photographs on the walls. I never did get to taste my signature drink there, which actually makes me kind of sad.

Soy Mint Hot Chocolate, was my hardcore drink of choice in NC. [Actually, it's my drink of choice outside of Charlotte too]

I think my favorite over all was The Dripolator in Black Mountain. It was cute and quaint. They had a comfortable environment and seating. The staff was friendly and helpful, art on the walls, a great menu selection and loads of customers inside to affirm my decision that i chose the right coffee shop in Black Mountain.

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Camilo said...

I had a peppermint hot chocolate last night! =) Sans soy milk though.

I think the dripilator in Black Mountain was really cozy too. That's probably why I fell right into the seat and could have stayed there for many more hours.

Smelly Cat was also very cool indeed. The name alone is worth mention. It was sort of like the safe place we could always find our way back to and just chill in charlotte. The interior was really funky and the photos on display were awesome. The razzleberry or whatchamacallit smoothie I had there was a bit dissapointing, and the brownie didn't compare with the ones melanie or your mom made. Too bad we never got that final hot chocolate; it may have been the redeemer, but at least we have something else to come back to charlotte for.

I thought that the cafe/bookstore in Asheville was fun too. I liked the idea of the signature drinks named for authors and was happy to try the one from my fellow chilean authror, Isabel Allende. The cups were ginormous and the drink was delish.. I think your hot choc there was the best on the trip.