Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am thankful on Wednesday.

1. Short work day!

2. Made new jeweleries for a gallery my jewels are in!

3. Ate three delicious meals.

4. Woke up stressed, figured it out, ended happy.

5. NICE customers.

6. Bosses who are nice, and accommodating.

7. Co-workers who make you happy, laugh, and smile.

8. Kitties who curl on you and purrr.

9. My room mate, and his ridiculous-ness.

10. Friends who surprise you with happy affirmations.

What are YOU thankful for??

Smiles and Love,



an9e1a said...

I'm thankful for doughnuts and surprises and my family and for beginning to get over a cold today. :)

kym said...

Today I'm thankful for:

1. Not drinking soda for 2 weeks...yay me!

2. Opening the windows and a cool breeze coming in.

3. Good coffee.

4. Back to school shopping.

5. Laughter.

6. Bold art.

7. Cooking dinner on the grill.

8. Pretty windchimes.

9. Art/craft shows.

10. And of course, my amazing wife and kids.

rachel! said...

sounds like a fantastic day to be thankful for. :)