Thursday, March 24, 2011

THANKFUL for a ME day!!

I am SO thankful for today. After a very stressful morning, i figured out what i REALLY wanted. A day for ME; no stress, no homework, just ME. My own day.

* I dyed my hair pink!

* My hair dresser is SO great!

* 50% a Heather's new book @ B&N.

* Yoga was so brilliant tonight.

* Talking with my room mate Mary.

* FINALLY bought a new bible. [33% off]

* My friend Michael’s e-mail. :D

* Had a WONDERFUL chat with Margaret!

* Free Chick-fila chicken sandwich!

* Free sundae at TCBY for my birthday.

but really....i'm MOST thankful because...

* I feel strong today.

Although, it wasn't the plan as i was creating my errand list for today, by golly! I DID get my ME day! It was so needed, and wonderful, and i internet-ed about it the whole day. I feel very hopeful tonight, unlike how i've felt in the last couple weeks. I'm so very thankful.

I hope you get to take a "YOU" day VERY soon!!

Smiles to you my lovely friends,

Jenipher :]


Cathleen Spacil said...
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Cathleen Spacil said...

I am so HAPPY you took a ME day!!!! I so want to take ME day! I think I'll take your lead and have a me day soon. I'm not going to start today because today is almost over and I want a FULL day to myself :-). So I think I'll plan for Monday! You are such and inspiration! You go girl! Love you! Cathleen