Monday, February 23, 2009

Art Guild + scary sewing machines = Happy Saturday.

Last Saturday, some friends and I finally got together to start an Art Guild.

The five of us spent hours eating way to many breakfast foods, laughing, and doing crafts. It was just wonderful, and i can't wait for next months meeting!!

Art Guild!

Art Guild!

Art Guild!

PLUS, i finally got to do some of my project from Elsie and Rachel's class. (Which i'm failling HORRIBLE behind in!) (Still am!!) (and keep missing the chats...blah!) but i tried my hand at the sewing machine and realize i'm horrid at it! Alas, here is the start of my first journal!

Project one. - Journal.

I guess sewing machines are like horses. Once you obviously fall off and use two spools of thread doing so, climb right back on. And i shall...

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Toni Brockliss said...

i love it! Nothing has to be perfect. Plus, your photos are so looks like you are having so much fun!