Sunday, February 1, 2009

I was in a Treasury!

"Mission Possible/" title="RocketScience-1 by Jenipher's Life, on Flickr">RocketScience-1

Yay! Lovely Joon, (whom i will write more about later) created a Treasury on Etsy for Spacey Items and she and her husband picked my "Mission Possible" astronaut necklace!

Thank you so much Joon, i really appreciate it!

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joonbeam said...

Hi J! This is great. I love your blog ~ especially the background color. :) OK I have to comment on your engagement.

Congratulations!!! And NYC is my love. And Serendipity is one of our favorite films, too. Do you know there are cookbooks? Yes. And we make their treats. They are fantastic. I have never been to the shop, though. Have you?

When we took our sons to the Empire State Building they couldn't get enough. We went back every day at all hours. It was pretty funny.

Have you ever eaten at a Jackson Hole Burger place in NYC? That is a must.

Thanks again and I'll see you around more often I hope?