Thursday, March 5, 2009

Funday Fundate!

Riley created a really fun date for us on Thursday!!

He gave me an invitation (from one of my stuffed animals) that said there was a pizza and art festival day in "haraje" (haha get it? Garage?) (Yeah, it took me a while too) on March 6th and asked if he could attend too.

The next morning we walked to Publix to pick up the ingredients for the pizza then he told me to go upstairs until he came to get me.

He made the garage into a Art show and our stuffed animals were running it.

Funday Fundate!

Funday Fundate!

Then there was this mystery involved a stolen pizza. The "Black Duchess" (who hates art and colors) stole our pizza lunch!!!

Funday Fundate!

"The mayor" gave us a map and we had a scavenger type hunt to find it. Ha! it was so cute!

Funday Fundate!

We ended up finding the duchess' dunging (my mailbox) where the last note told us the pizza was hidden somewhere....

Neon Pink

And confused the heck outta me!! HAHAHA!! They spell oven!!!

It was a really cute date, and i appreciated it greatly!!!

Thanks Riley!! <3<3<3

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