Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life..among other things...

Still working through my "self worth" issues. You see, it's funny...i thought that my issues were purely complication only within myself. But this weekend, i realized that they linger in my business as well.

While having a trunk show at one of my favorite galleries, i realized that i ended up losing money because i undercharged for a hand full of items. Which is quite silly. I wrote down all the prices, but when people approached me, i clammed up and blurted out a different [sometimes MUCH lower] number instead.

I don't know why i do this. I know i am not the most talented person in the whole world, but i do in fact know I AM talented. I just wish i let myself know that more often.

Do any of you battle your self worth? Especially those who are artists?

Ohhh yes i do. My jewelry, YOUR ARTWORK, they aren't YOU. You created them yes, but they do not SCREAM your self worth. If someone doesn't purchase or even like your work, it IS NOT a personal attack! In fact, it has NOTHING to do with you.

You are not your art! You are NOTNOTNOTNOTNOTNOT.

::enter dramatic sigh:: ;)

You are so valuable! I hope you know it!
Smiles and blessings to all,
Jenipher :D


Jennifer Mullin said...

I love this post! I think every artist struggle with this type of issue. Why do we undervalue what we do? And why do we take it so personally when our work doesn't sell?

I've recently realized that I was undervaluing my work, and have had to raise prices a bit. Sale are down, which hurts, but if I don't value what I do, who will?

Hang in there girl! Thanks for sharing.

Lindsay said...

You are not alone!! I have never sold my stuff bc Im scared to put a price on it. I usually spend about 5 hours on most of the stuff I make and give it away or do a swap. I need to tell myself, no you can sell this!! I just havent gotten there yet :( help?? lol
P.S I heart your honesty :)

shelby healey said...

I know exactly how you feel. I find face to face selling so difficult. I generally leave that side of things to my partner, what a wuss!
Thanks for popping over to my blog Shelby xoxo

AnaYelsi said...

I love how open you were in this post.

I have struggled with similar issues as of late and it helps reading another woman's words and knowing i'm not alone in the "worth and identity" struggle.

I'm definitely adding you to my blogroll so others can enjoy your page.

love you so much!


Cherry Runway said...

Thank you all so much for your kind responses!! I TRULY appreciate it!!

I challenge us all to just hang in there, gather all of our confidence and show the world how brilliantly, talent-ingly crafty we all are! :D

Smiles to you all!